Is your Marketing Driven by Your Data?

If not, it should be! Building your brand’s marketing strategy with measurable information based on your audience is key to your business’ success. Your strategy needs to be based on facts, not “guessing”.

Using consumer or business data based on your customer base and data purchased from list resources which may include lifestyles, behaviors, trends and propensities, you will have the statistics needed to create a marketing strategy and campaign that will put you in front of your target market.

Marketing with a clean data file that has the necessary components to reach your target audience is critical in today’s marketing efforts. Working with clean data gives you a cost- effective successful campaign which will increase your return on investment. Data-driven marketing is critical for the success of your marketing campaign.

Knowing your target audience will give you the knowledge of their trends, and spending habits. You can explore the best outlets to reach this audience whether it’s current or past customers as well as future prospects.

While you can gather and create the “perfect” list, knowing what to do with it, how to implement a marketing campaign and tracking it is key to its success. Finding the right software to use, having a tracking system and making sure your data is kept up-to-date is a critical component to the success of any campaign strategy. Just as important, your staff must have the knowledge and expertise on running the software, “crunching the statistics” and cleaning your data for effective campaigns now and in the future.

Barb Ferrigno

Trusted by 8000 clients for over 44 years, Concept Marketing Group has a proven track record for assisting companies in growing their business. We know what it takes to be successful with a direct marketing campaign whether it’s a direct mail or e-mail marketing campaign. We work with you to clarify your target market and to provide the data that will give you the highest return. We’ll analyze new audiences and provide you with effective strategies to ensure your business reaches its full potential. We offer free 20 minute consultations, book a call today.

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