Is The Package Important For Your Coffee Business?

The packaging in which coffee is presented factors into consumer perceptions and sales. It is worthwhile to consider which coffee packaging companies offer the latest technology, such as high-barrier films, degassing valves and the latest closure technology. Find out why packaging is of crucial importance for branding and quality control for any coffee business selling ground or whole beans. 

Make Your Package Custom

Once coffee businesses start considering custom packages for coffee, stakeholders quickly see the appeal of these packages. It is possible to establish consistent branding for your entire product lines with a logo and a choice of colors and fonts. Variable printing capabilities with digital printers enable brands to pursue variable designs that set each type of bean or flavor apart.

The most affordable way to experiment with custom packaging is to use a packaging service that provides stand up pouch printing. Digital printing makes it possible to print runs of any length on demand at a lower cost than conventional printing with plates. Variable printing options allow for unique designs on multiple SKUs. The ability to print small runs of these packages at reasonable cost make it possible for small- and medium-sized brands to try out branding techniques that the leading coffee companies use to great effect.

Coffee Freshness Factors

Roasted coffee should always be sealed in airtight packaging. A degassing valve also serves an important function by emitting the carbon dioxide that roasted whole or ground beans continue to release over time. This valve releases CO2 without admitting any oxygen into product packaging. Coffee that has been roasted and then stored in packaging that does not have a degassing function is more likely to lose finer points of aroma and flavor and become more bitter. 

Degassing valves and other options are available for center seal and other types of recyclable flexible pouches. Airtight pouches can also be printed with custom designs. An external film displays the packaging design while an interior barrier film seals coffee off from exposure to oxygen and moisture that could cause the product to degrade. A packaging service can recommend the best films and barriers for any type of coffee.

Stand Out To Customers

Customers may know more or less about coffee, but most tend to be skilled at assessing the quality of product packaging. While it may be true that a book should not be judged by its cover, customers almost always judge packaged consumables such as coffee based on the appearance and features of the packaging. Good design can go a long way toward setting your brand up for long-term success.

Coffee brands that prioritize the appearance of packaging are more likely to stand out on the shelves of coffee shops or stores. It is important that the packaging you choose not only looks great, but preserves the aroma and flavor quality of your products. Whether you choose a gusset pouch, stand-up bag, or innovative fractional, filler or stick packs, you can find the right packaging to preserve and showcase coffee products.

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