Linux Reseller Hosting Plans

Is Linux Reseller Hosting Plans Right for Your Hosting Business?


Every website that you click on the Internet is hosted on a server. A web server provides bandwidth, web resources, data storage, and all other services required to bring a website online. If you think of how many websites are running, you will understand how the demand for web hosting services is so high. Since not all web hosting companies are able to simultaneously manage the hosting needs of a wide range of clients, reseller hosting makes sense. In this article, you will learn how easy and profitable Linux Reseller Hosting Plans can be for your hosting business. Dive into the sections below and get the insights.

What Do You Mean by Linux Reseller Web Hosting?

Reseller Linux Web Hosting is a reseller hosting that has Linux operating system running at the server’s base. It lets you resell the web hosting services you buy from a parent host. By reselling the hosting services and resources to your end customers, you make money. The Linux Reseller Hosting, you buy is at affordable prices, and you resell the same to your customers at higher prices to earn a margin profit. It enables you to start your hosting business by being anywhere and targeting any audience. You can just handle everything online. And, you do not have to take any charge of the web hosting server’s tasks and maintenance responsibility. This is because all the server-related responsibilities come under your parent web host. In other words, Linux Reseller Hosting Plans will allow you to earn a maximum return with a minimum amount of investment.

Why You Should Choose Linux Reseller Hosting?

Here are the reasons why the Best Linux Reseller Hosting can be highly beneficial for you –

Robust Security

Linux Reseller Web Hosting comes with advanced data protection and inbuilt security software. You can have as well as ensure the robust data security features to your end customers. With its best security measures, you can protect the personal information of your customers and yours too.

SSH Root Control

You can acquire complete access control of your web hosting server. With Linux Reseller Hosting Plans, you get the authorization to make server configurations, update services, install the required software, and much more on your own.


Linux is an open-source OS that is free to employ. This makes the Linux Hosting plans much cheaper than other reseller hosting plans. So, you can earn even much better while buying the affordable and Best Linux Reseller Hosting.


Linux operating system provides great stability with flexible and customizable features. With this, you can run and grow your reseller business smoothly and efficiently.

Round the Clock Support

With the Linux Reseller Hosting Plans, you get 24/7 customer and technical support from your web hosting company via a professional team. You can always lean on the team during any technical error or server issue.

Who Provides the Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting Services?

If you are seeking the cheapest Linux Hosting Reseller packages, you can rely on Hostbillo Web Hosting Company. The company not only offers cost-effectiveness but also provides high-grade Web Hosting Services and facilities. You get the fastest, most consistent, and most secure network connectivity for your online business. Moreover, Hostbillo enables you to attain as many domains and subdomains as you require for your online business. Have a glance at the excellent benefits that come with the company’s Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting packages –

100% White Label Service

Hostbillo renders the support of 100% white label services. So, you get the right to resell the Linux Hosting services to your end customers under your own brand name. The name of the parent host will remain hidden from your customers.

99.90% Uptime Guarantee

With all the Linux Reseller Hosting Plans, the company provides the guarantee of a 99.90% uptime network with secure network channels and redundant power. This helps you assure the least downtime for your customers.

SSD Data Storage

You acquire Solid-State Drives (SSDs) data storage with the Linux Hosting. The SSDs help you enhance the web page loading speed of your business. They let you deliver high performance for your customers’ websites.

Free cPanel

You obtain cPanel with all the Hostbillo’s Linux Reseller Hosting Plans. It comes free of cost. Further, it enables you to manage, administer, and handle the web hosting functioning and jobs with ultimate ease.

Free Web Host Manager

The company also lets you access the Web Host Manager at zero cost. This facilitates smooth administration and maintenance under Linux Web Hosting.

Email Services

You get access to Hostbillo’s Webmail. This supports POP3 / IMAP email accounts. So, you can easily send and receive unlimited emails without hassle.

One-Click Installer

You receive a Softaculous one-click installer that makes it easy for you to install any number of applications you need for your reseller hosting business in just a click.


Linux Reseller Hosting is the straightforward and simple way to begin your web hosting business with the minimum investment. It lets you grab more potential customers and generate profitable revenue by being anywhere around the globe. Moreover, Hostbillo web hosting company lets you choose the apt location of the data center for your reseller business. It further provides 7-day credit back assurance with all Linux Reseller Hosting Plans. Also, you acquire advanced security, incorporating SSL certificates, malware scan & protection, weekly data backup services, etc.

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