Is High Blood Pressure Caused By Poor Nutrition?

Yes, poor nutrition is one of the causes of high blood pressure among other causes such as genetics, low lack of physical activity, excessive alcohol consumption and stress.

Mostly having high amounts of salts, fat and cholesterol might result to high blood pressure


Eating too much salt confining sodium leads to the body holding extra water for the purpose of washing the salt from the body. The added water puts stress to your heart and blood vessels hence high blood pressure.

If you have high blood pressure ,you should reduce sodium in your diet.

As for too much cholesterol I your body, once the body can’t clear cholesterol from the blood stream, it deposits along artery walls. This leads the arteries to stiffen and narrow from the deposits. The heart then work overtime to pump blood through them, hence increasing blood pressure high above the normal.

So, what the normal blood pressure?

Less than 120 and over 80(120/80),above this or below you should visit a health specialist.

What is hypertension?

Blood pressure is the force exerted by circulating blood against the walls of the body’s arteries, the major blood vessels in the body. Hypertension is when blood pressure is too high.

Blood pressure is written as two numbers. The first (systolic) number represents the pressure in blood vessels when the heart contracts or beats. The second (diastolic) number represents the pressure in the vessels when the heart rests between beats.

according to WHO ,Hypertension is diagnosed if, when it is measured on two different days, the systolic blood pressure readings on both days is ≥140 mmHg and/or the diastolic blood pressure readings on both days is ≥90 mmHg.

Common symptoms of hypertension?

When symptoms do occur, they can include

 early morning headaches, nosebleeds, irregular heart rhythms, vision changes, and buzzing in the ears. Severe hypertension can cause fatigue, nausea, vomiting, confusion, anxiety, chest pain, and muscle tremors.

Complications resulting from hypertension

Hypertension can cause serious damage to the heart. Excessive pressure can harden arteries, decreasing the flow of blood and oxygen to the heart. This heightened pressure and reduced blood flow can cause:

  • Chest pain(angina)
  • Heart attack, which occurs when the blood supply to the heart. The longer the blood flow is blocked, the greater the damage to the heart.
  • Heart failure, which occurs when the heart cannot pump enough blood and oxygen to other vital body organs.
  • Irregular heart beat which can lead to a sudden death.

Hypertension can also cause kidney damage, leading to kidney failure

which nutrients help to help to control blood pressure

Potassium; the more potassium eaten, the more sodium you lose through also helps to ease the tension in blood vessels walls hence lowering blood pressure.

Magnesium ;this helps the blood vessels to relax ,help in bone development and energy production.

 Fiber food ;this help to lower blood cholesterol levels by lowering low density lipoprotein.

In conclusion,hypertension is one of the most death causing disease globally.,Yet most of is as a result of careless food nutrition.

It can be reduced by just following the correct nutritions.

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