Is being humorous a skill or an inborn talent?

Humour is a trait that everyone admires. According to a survey, funny people are likely to have a bigger and better social group when compared to not-so-funny people. But is being humorous a by birth thing, or one can master it by practice like any other skill? Well, some people do have the talent of being funny all the time but a sense of humour can be developed with time! Yes, being humorous indeed is more of a skill than just being an inborn talent. 

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Apart from being a human trait, comedy can also help one make a living. A decade before, there was no specific definition for a comedian. Any person who can make others laugh was termed as a comedian. It can be a person casually joking around in a friends group or a joker performing in a circus. But now, the scenario of comedy has changed. Some platforms pay you for making people laugh. These can be some restaurants where you perform a live show or a platform like YouTube where one can upload his content. It can be a great way to expand your horizons. 

Learning anything new is a hideous task. It’s a long term process and demands a lot of time and devotion. Comedy, like any other skill, needs time to master. The standup comedy which we watch and laugh at sitting at our home was not scripted overnight. Writing jokes and delivering that most humorously is an art. One must be a keen observer and take note of everything happening around him. Comedy is nothing but presenting what you see in your surrounding funnily. People who we admire today on screen were also beginners someday. To start your comedian journey, you can look for videos that demonstrate how to add humour to your content. After gaining the trick, you can perform at local places like a family gathering or friends meet. Once confident, you can take it to a bigger scale. To sum up, in short, the process is learning, practising and then mastering. 

Learn comedy online: It is cent per cent true that a good sense of humour adds a charm to your personality and makes it all the way more appealing. But in today’s scenario of worldwide lockdowns, when we all are in our homes, can we learn to be funny online? The answer is a big YES! Unluclass has come up with a great initiative to help aspiring comedians understand and learn the secrets of comedy from scratch. The legendary comedian, Johnny lever, himself explains the steps to master the skill of humour over the platform. Unluclass is the place for all the blooming comedians out there!

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