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Do Derma Pens Work? Is A Professional Micro-Needling Pen And Derma Pen The Same Thing?

Taking care of your skin is an essential part of self-maintenance. For skin maintenance, we usually apply a few scrubs and creams. However, maintaining skin does not mean washing your face with face wash.  

There are a few contemporary methods, like using a professional micro-needling pen, to achieve radiant and youthful-looking skin.

In this article, we will discuss derma pens and micro-needling pens, what they are used for, and how they help in maintaining skin.

What do you know about derma pens? Is a professional micro-needling pen similar to a derma pen?

The Derma Pen is a handheld device used to perform micro-needling. Derma pens improve the skin by producing natural collagen to treat acne scars and wrinkles. It also refreshes the skin.

Derma pens stimulate collagen by triggering the natural healing process of the body. It includes prickling the skin with tiny needles on the face using derma pens. The body produces more collagen to heal these wounds and hence rejuvenates the skin.

The purpose of a professional micro-needling pen and derma pen is the same: to perform micro-needling and induce collagen therapy for the betterment of the skin. You can check derma pen price in Pakistan by searching online.

Is derma pen beneficial? Does it work?

A derma pen produces positive outcomes that make the person satisfied with the result.

The benefits of using a derma pen include:

  • Acne scar reduction
  • Improvement in the skin tone
  • Treatment of skin pores
  • Lessening of wrinkles, stretch marks, and lines on the face

 In short, derma pens help to perfect facial imperfections.

How does a derma pen function?

The Derma pen functions by puncturing the skin with the micro needles present in the derma pen. The pen is moved all over the skin to make punctures so that it stimulates healthy collagen that positively impacts the skin. However, the micro-needling procedure prickles the outermost layer and does not cause any problems.  

Does using a derma pen hurt?

The Derma pen does not hurt, but the involvement of needles makes the procedure uneasy for the patients. They might feel the pressure that the process might be painful due to needles. However, the procedure is not unbearable. Moreover, you might experience pinpoint bleeding depending on the profundity of the treatment.

Before you receive the treatment, you can ask your, aesthetician questions that bother you regarding the procedure and also discuss the derma pen before and after effects. You can ask your doctor to show you pictures of previous patients who received micro-needling for your satisfaction.

What is the cost of the micro-needling procedure?

The cost of the procedure depends on the reputation of the aesthetician or dermatologist. The price also varies if the treatment is received on other body parts other than the face. The cost of the treatment per session is somewhat around $200-$700 per session.

The micro-needling pen price is $500-$5000.

Can I perform micro-needling at home?

Also, Derma pens, derma rollers, and micro-needling pens are available for at-home treatment. However, the equipment that is meant to be used at home has shorter needles to prevent mishaps. Moreover, as compared to a professional session, a home session requires regular sessions to achieve the desired outcome. Professional derma pens have needles that reach more depth and hence produce better results than self-performed micro-needling. Furthermore, professionals use the best micro needling pen so that it yields outstanding reactions.

A derma pen or micro-needling is a useful method to attain fresh and scar-free skin. The outcome of the procedure appears two to six weeks post-treatment and stays for almost six months. Moreover, the results are not permanent, so to maintain healthy and wrinkle-free skin, it is recommended to receive micro needling twice a year.

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