International Legal Issues in the Case of the Treuhand

In the case of Treuhand v. Peru, International Legal Issues played an important role. The case pertains to “whether the guilty of a fatal boat accident in Peru have been properly convicted.” As previously stated, the matter pertains to maritime law; the issue has been turned to the Interamerican Court of Human Rights. The Peruvian authorities claim that they have followed procedures laid down by their International Maritime Tribunal. However, the lawyers for the claimants feel otherwise.

Yacht Club

Onboard the Yacht Club, a Costa Rican sailing yacht, one of the crew members accidentally hit an Ecuador reef. This is a reef considered as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The ship had been sailing for over two hours when the accident occurred. This is where the problem began. The Costa Rica legal team says that their client was not being monitored while on deck, and the sea law should have been respected.

Treuhand  Legal Issues

The International TreuhandLegal Issues was involved in the case because the claimant did not sign up for legal assistance. No medical attention or assistance was provided before the yacht departed. The lawyers for the claimant feel that this lack of service constitutes negligence on the part of the company which operates the charter boat. In addition to this lack of help, the legal issues say that they were never consulted about the risk of traveling to the Yacht Club until minutes before leaving.The crew members were interviewed after the accident and afterward provided statements. However, the legal issues claim that many of these statements contradict one another. Some say they saw nothing at all, while others claim a dark object moves in the water. Furthermore, there were several discrepancies with the way how the accident was communicated to the yacht crew.

Lawyers for the claimant’s

This is why the lawyers for the claimant’s Treuhand  have taken the time to communicate with all of the crew members on the yacht. They say that many crew members contradicted themselves when pressed by interrogators. Many claimed that there was nothing to worry about, while others said large objects were in the water. All of them denied seeing anything dangerous. Even though all crew members were questioned individually, only one refused to lie. Thus, these are the main reasons that this case has become so complicated.

Lawyers for the crew members

In another case, the lawyers for the crew members say that a Nigerian captain deliberately steered the yacht into the path of another sailing yacht. Several other crew members later confirmed that this happened while the ship was docked at the exact location of another vessel. There were no preparations made for the yacht to go in this course. This is why the compensation for the victims could be so substantial. Unfortunately, the payment for the victims may also prevent any of the crew members from receiving adequate medical treatment. Similar legal issues have been present in the past. For instance, in a case filed against an Italian cruise ship, the court ruled against the cruise liner, claiming that it had not provided sufficient warning before departing. In this case, the court awarded the plaintiff 4.5 million dollars. These are just some of the many legal issues that occur each year when yachts are docked in foreign ports.


It is best to understand the legal issues associated with operating a yacht before taking a charter or launching a new ship.Read more. If you do not have a background in sailing, you should ask for help from sailing schools and experienced crew members. They will make sure that you are sailing safely and legally. They will also help you navigate through any legal issues that may arise.

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