Interior Decor Ideas: 3 Hardwood Staining Ideas

Refinishing the hardwood floor is enough of a headache and is a big undertaking. Whether you are looking to sell your house and get the best resale value or looking forward to having new floors, planning ahead will help a lot. Here are three interior decor ideas for hardwood floor staining.

  1. The classic resale – In case you are staining your floor to make the home show better during the open house, it is better to stick to classic stains like brown or a warm mid tone. These are more flexible colors and more likely to match with various tastes as well as decor styles of your potential buyers. Preferences in terms of interior decor can vary greatly.

This is why it is best to avoid trending colours if you want to sell it. Classic colours such as espresso and dark walnut are the safest bets and at the same time, give an instant elegant feel to the room while still feeling fresh and modern. Interior decor ideas in terms of hardwood stains such as red should clearly be avoided as it can feel tacky and quite dated. Light hardwood floor are also growing in popularity.

  1. Your type – What should you consider when choosing a wooden floor stain? First, you need to consider the type of wood you are staining. Be it pine, wood or walnut, each kind of wood tends to take the stain differently. This is why you need to stain a piece to make sure the outcome is what you envisioned.

Wooden floor stain colour charts are also very helpful too. Custom blending or multi color stains are quite popular interior decor ideas for hardwood floor staining too. Actually, if you look carefully not all floors require staining. Many wooden floors tend to look great in their natural colours.

  1. Get creative – We like to recommend you to stick to classic colours if you want to sell your space in the future. Yet if you are the one who is going to enjoy it for the years to come, feel free to choose a trending colour. Dark and cool tones are still at the top of the chart. However, brighter stains such as grey or whitewashed are getting popular too.

When it comes to interior decor ideas for hardwood staining, lighter stains including blonde is a colour that you can trust as it has the potential to stay around and thus become a classic floor color. If you don’t want to sell anywhere soon, get creative and color your floors with bolder tints like blue or green. Or give and eclectic feel by painting them in various designs.

In case you are still confused or overwhelmed by the wide array of choices in front of you, go ahead and try to get professional help at Canvas Art Factory . There are experts in hardwood staining and acrylic glass prints who will help you to decide the best flooring styles, hues, wooden species and other interior decor ideas.