Interesting Facts You Didn't Know About Trucking

Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Trucking

Trucking is America’s most profitable business. Trucking is defined as shipping or delivering items from one place to another using trucks as a major mode of transportation.

Because of its low startup costs and better profit margins, trucking businesses are increasing in America every year.

You might have heard a lot about tracking business, how to open a trucking company, and much more, but here are some interesting facts about trucking in America that you did not know. So let’s start reading!

1. Truck Drivers Are More Prone To Health Risks

Truck drivers are sitting constantly behind the wheels, so they find little time to be involved in physical activities. Tired truck drivers are mostly the reason behind roadside accidents. That is why this industry is heavily regulated by the Department of Transportation. Hiring a boc 3 processing agent and getting FMCSA compliance is not enough.

Trucking company owners are legally obliged to provide breaks to truck drivers more often. There is a limit set by the department for every truck driver to drive in a week. Such strict regulations are hardly seen in other industries.

2. Majority Of Americans Depend On Trucking

In America, 72% of the annual freight transport is done by truckers. The rest of the freight is transported by other means such as cargo ships, airplanes, and trains.

Because of this high percentage, the majority of Americans depend on trucking in their daily life. From groceries to books, clothes, food items, and much more are transported to shopping centers through trucks. If trucks stop operating, the majority of areas of the country will face a shortage of supplies, especially rural areas where airplanes, trains, and ships can not reach.

3. Trucking Shares Major Employment Ratio

Every 1 in 7 Americans is somehow associated with the trucking business. They can either be brokers, shippers, trucking company owners, or commercial drivers. Approximately, 15% of the American employees are associated with the trucking industry.

This major share of the industry in the employment ratio shows that the trucking business is doing great in America.

The trucking business is a big part of America’s economy and it is not limited to long haulers only. Semi-trailers are a major part of the trucking business, but this industry also includes,

  • School buses
  • Hotshot trucks
  • Garbage trucks
  • Tow trucks,
  • Liquid tankers
  • Mailman, etc.

These are just a few examples. The truck industry has many shapes and sizes and it depends on the type of job, location of delivery, and the distance to be traveled which type of truck would be required for the job.

4. Truck Drivers Can Drive More Miles Per Week Than Other Drivers

Truck drivers can travel more miles per week than any ordinary driver. Although there are strict codes of conduct when it comes to assigning duties to truck drivers, on average a truck driver can travel up to 3000 miles per week.

According to the laws of the Department of Transportation, truck drivers should be assigned to travel for only a fixed amount of hours per week. Regardless of these restrictions, a truck driver travels more than anyone else.

5. Trucking Is Predominantly Male-Led Industry

Trucking shares the major employment ratio in America’s economy, yet it is a predominantly male-led industry. More than 90% of the employees in the trucking business are male. Whereas, as low as 7% of the employees are female.

Since 2010, the trucking industry has seen a significant interest in women in trucking. However, due to few opportunities, many women hesitate to become a part of this system.

Women can be great truck drivers if they are given the opportunity. However, if long hauls are considered difficult for women to manage, they can always prove beneficial for short-distance deliveries.

6. The Trucking Industry Is Growing Each Passing Year

Trucking is one of those industries in America which are experiencing growth with each passing year. Normally, industries experience cessation after a certain growth rate. This is not true for trucking.

According to statistics, the trucking industry experienced a growth rate of 2.7% from the year 2017 to 2022.

This constantly growing industry gives greater opportunities for people, especially young adults to establish their careers in the trucking business. The job security and high pay that this industry provides can not be found in other departments at this skill rate.

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