Bedtime Stories for Kids

Interesting Bedtime Stories for Kids Like Lion and Mouse Story

Kids in their early stages, get connected easily with their parents and have a great impact on their lives. Hence, parents should take time to spend with their kids. It helps kids grow confidently and securely. Kids should be allowed to get habituated to reading books and listening to stories. The stories should be short and have a moral lesson in them for teaching them to children. These habits are required for their overall strong development, which lays a strong path for their future.

Bedtime stories are those which are either read to kids by their parents or they read by themselves. These stories are designed in a way that is easily understood by them and to sleep quickly. The Bedtime stories are related to inducing sleep in kids and help them to have a sound sleep throughout the night. 

In childhood, kids have a lot of diversions and it is hard for them to concentrate on a particular thing for a long time. This is because their mind is always active to explore new things. This characteristic makes them learn and absorb things easily. Hence, parents should teach them positive things and imbibe ethical values in kids in their early stages. 

The easiest way to imbibe these qualities is by explaining them through stories. As kids have good imagination power, they can grasp the moral lesson explained through stories and implement it when required. Every story is constructed in a way to explain good ethics to children, and also make them analyse the difference between good and bad.

Lion and Mouse Story

One of the famous bedtime stories for kids is the Lion and Mouse story. The story starts when a lion was sleeping in a forest and a mouse started playing on the lion. This made the lion get disturbed from sleep and held the mouse angrily to crush it to death. Then, the mouse pleaded with the lion to let it go and assured it that the mouse would help the lion, when it was in need. The lion laughed at the thought that it would need the mouse’s help and let it go away. One day, the lion was caught in a net, that was laid by a hunter as a trap. The lion roared at its top voice and tried to escape, but was not successful. The mouse heard the lion’s roar and came there immediately to rescue the lion. The mouse started cutting the net with its teeth and released the lion. The lion escaped immediately and thanked the mouse for its help.

The moral of the lion and mouse story is that every person has their own strengths and weaknesses, and they should be treated equally and with respect. No one should look down on others due to their weaknesses. Kids should be taught to respect every person, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, and their economical status. Hence, kids should be made to read this lion and mouse story. They must be taught these values from their childhood, as it creates a positive impact on children to lead a good life in future. 


Kids’ bedtime stories are important in their childhood as they improve their reading skills and get them habituated to reading in future. It also lays a foundation for their writing skills and improves their vocabulary. Personally, they will have a good sense of feeling before going to bed and have a secure sleep at night. Hence, both parents and teachers should encourage book reading.

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