Instagram Marketing Strategy Every Brand Needs To Know

Instagram Marketing Strategy

Persuasiveness on social media is essential for online marketing, especially when it comes to Instagram marketing. Instagram has become the main platform not only for those who want to share content but also for those who want to promote their products and services to a wide range of audience. In order to turn the audience into loyal following and later on, potential customers, it is important to follow the principles of an Instagram marketing strategy; one of them being the power of persuasion.

Whether influencers and brands use video content or pictures, the visual information on their Instagram feed serves the purpose of encouraging a sale, promotion, advertisement and transformation of the organic following into clients and customers. Of course, even before one can start with an Instagram marketing strategy, it is essential to have an organic following; something influencers and brands can achieve by using organic growth tools, like SocialGreg. Without the ability to reach out to real people, marketing strategies, like ways of persuasion, don’t really make sense and won’t bear any fruit. You can also Read Likegrowers Review before going to use this amazing Instagram Marketing tool.

Social Proof

In order to take full advantage of persuasion and its psychological effect on the audience, it is important to take a look at a new marketing concept called social proof. The concept is used to help influencers and business brands on Instagram grow their profile and enable their following to turn into loyal clients and customers. It is based on the Instagram marketing strategy of building trust while influencing the target audience. This can be achieved through the use of customer reviews, testimonials, and targeted ads.

To be more precise, in order to take full advantage of social proof, it is important to incorporate reviews into the Instagram posts and testimonials into an Instagram advertisement. This will ensure that reviews and testimonials are seen by everyone, from the current following to the new members of one’s audience. Social proof is simply there to help you or your brand reinforce the credibility of what you offer, regardless of whether it is a certain product, service, or even a lifestyle you want to promote.

Scarcity Marketing

Less is more – a saying as old as time can be applied to the way we persuade the audience to consume our products and services, even on Instagram. Persuasiveness may be one of the main Instagram marketing strategies, but it is important to focus on marketing scarcity in order for the strategy to be fully effective. When we say ‘less is more’, what we mean is that Instagram posts (and promoted products/services) need to be straightforward, effective in their aesthetics, color scheme and quality of marketed content, but most importantly, scarce in quantity and accessibility.

Take Kylie Cosmetics as an example; this company and brand have established an excellent marketing technique that sells millions of products. It relies on scarcity marketing by promoting a short window of buying, products being sold out and offering alternative options to complete a successful purchase of a product. Not to mention the fact that the majority of Instagram posts by this company focus on providing the dates, time and other information relevant to selling and buying for customers. It is important to plant the seed and raise the expectations for the audience, ensure there is enough product even when it may be reported out of stock, and communicate with the customers regularly. This way, you will persuade them into buying and paying by simply using the principles of psychology.


When it comes to a good Instagram marketing strategy, it could be said that persuasiveness works best when teamed up with the association. The power of association should not be neglected, as it is as powerful as the power to persuade. Emotional association or association based on relevancy, colors, and words can work wonders for one’s Instagram marketing strategy. For example, if an Instagram post is promoting a product that is new on the market, the marketer needs to focus on associative learning; this enables the audience to get to know the product by associating it with a certain color, a cool logo, memorable video promotion or even post description. All of this helps the product, service, influencer or a brand become recognizable, and later on, be associated with other, more famous and recognizable brands and names.

The advantages of association and persuasion marketing are numerous. For example, the exposure effect is outstanding, since the name, brand or product becomes familiar, and with familiarity comes likability. This turns a wide audience into organic customers that will make a purchase and provide profit. Moreover, association marketing relies on excitement and interest, which replaces rational response to a marketed post into an emotional response. And, when emotions are involved, that is when purchases happen.

Other ways of persuasion in Instagram marketing strategy

Instagram and overall social media engagement can be as powerful as some of the best marketing choices and strategies in the industry. The aforementioned three main principles of persuasive marketing can, therefore, be expanded into several more, like:

Direct engagement and communication with clients and customers; communication with people in the comment section or posting reviews and responses of clients on your Instagram feed can help the brand, name or business grow.

Consistency and commitment to promotion and marketing in regards to the targeted audience can result in organic profile growth.

Establishment of a brand and name authority, even when that might not be the case; this is an excellent persuasive technique that makes people think your brand or name is irreplaceable on Instagram, even when it is only in the making.

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