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Inspiring Females Facing Physical, Social, And Cultural Challenges

In this modern era, there is a need to highlight the inspiring stories of influential females that have worked in their respective fields despite the color or racism challenges around the world. There is a need to encourage their morals with women entrepreneur awards in Dubai.

We have to empower the females by telling them the inspirational stories of such great women. The UAE women empowerment tactics can help to develop a sense of positivity and working capabilities in the young generation who are facing color or cultural challenges. The only thing that came to mind after studying these females is that no matter where you from are, it’s your courage and dedication that matter a lot. 

Kamala Harris

She has been incredible in her professional career. She started her career by being the first women Vice President of the United States. In the history of the US, Kamala as African American is recently the highest elected official and Asian American Vice President.

She has been working for different causes as a US senator. She reformed the healthcare system, tax system, immigration documentation process, and restricted assault weapons.

Alison Hammond

She was a TV actor and a born comedian. She has worked in English TV for acting and shows. She is recently working as an ITV reporter and host on different shows. Despite being black, she never gave up and keep working to make a remarkable place in the field of entertainment and show biz. She started learning the drama classes at her school and set a wonderful example for young girls to keep striving for the future.

Ibtihaj Muhammad

She is a member of the US fencing team and won different medals in the Olympics. She was the first Muslim woman who won a bronze medal against United States females in Olympics while wearing a hijab all the time. She had worked for young girls and female empowerment in sports and serves as the female sports ambassador in the United States sports department. Despite the social norms and cultural differences, she has broken all the boundaries in her field while wearing a hijab. Just like the United States, there is a need for a UAE women empowerment initiative.

Dr. Maggie Aderin Pocock

She was very young when she faced Dyslexia disease. She never gives up, despite her health conditions she has grown enough to become a female British space scientist. She got her dreams of exploring the universe and set a new example for young girls to keep moving with their physical challenges. She has established her own company for children to give them a universe tour.

Amanda Gorman

She has been working as the youngest poet at the age of 22. She has remarkable achievement in her specialty as she has presented her poetry at the United States presidential inauguration ceremony. Her color and race did not stop her from flourishing. She has been working as an activist and raising her voice on feminism, racism, and climate change.


There are many renowned females who have set the example of a successful working career despite the physical, cultural, and social challenges. There are women entrepreneur awards in Dubai for such amazing females to keep them encouraged and motivated. There is a need for UAE women empowerment just like in the United States to keep their country honored and glorified.

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