Importance of intrapersonal IQ intelligence


The term “intrapersonal” refers to something that occurs within a single individual, either physically or mentally. Not to be confused with interpersonal, which emphasizes interactions “amongst” individuals.

Therefore, the ability to probe one’s own thoughts and emotions is intrapersonal intelligence. This kind of brainpower is useful for organizing one’s life and making important decisions.

According to the multiple intelligence theory, which was developed by developmental psychologist Howard Gardner in 1983, the following eight varieties of intelligence and learning styles are recognized:

  • Competence in language
  • intelligence in mathematics.
  • An Intelligence Beyond Existence
  • Capacity for action-based learning
  • Intelligence in music
  • IQ inwards oneself
  • The ability to think spatially
  • To be socially intelligent

The Importance of intrapersonal IQ intelligence

Intrapersonally intelligent people begin their quest to know and understand others by getting to know themselves. Knowing oneself is the first step toward comprehending the minds and hearts of others.

People who are high in intrapersonal intelligence are not always egotistical. However, whereas intrapersonal intelligence is not an illness, narcissism is. Also, those who have high levels of intrapersonal intelligence care about others, not just themselves. 

People who have a high potential for intrapersonal intelligence have a strong desire to put their knowledge into practice. These people tend to be extremely focused on succeeding.

Some other traits shared by those high in intrapersonal intelligence include the following:

  • Knowing oneself is the first step toward meeting new people.
  • The experience of being alone and having to solve a problem on their own is something they relish.
  • They have a powerful sixth sense.
  • They are self-aware enough to know their strengths but modest enough to not flaunt them.
  • They have a strong sense of identity and autonomy.
  • They have mastered emotional regulation, particularly of rage.
  • It’s possible that young people are more reserved than their peers.
  • They enjoy reflecting on their past experiences.
  • They try to figure out where they went wrong in challenging situations so they can avoid repeating those same pitfalls in the future.
  • They are more likely to use artistic outlets, such as writing or music, to convey their innermost ideas and feelings.

People with a strong potential for intrapersonal intelligence tend to flourish. They are always on the prowl for fresh perspectives and methods of self-improvement.

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Five situations that demonstrate intrapersonal intelligence

The following are five instances of exhibiting intrapersonal intelligence:

A hunch

It’s knowing something deep inside, without having to consciously think about it.


Self-sufficiency is the state of being free from the authority or influence of another person.


The ability or process of creating mental representations of things that are not physically existent is what we mean when we talk about imagination.


To be creative is to make something new out of nothing, to use one’s own ideas rather than those given.

Personal Toughness

The ability to maintain positive mental and physical health despite adversity is what we mean when we talk about personal resilience. By learning and practicing healthy coping mechanisms, individuals can increase their resilience to stress and speed up their road to recovery.

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