Gaunda Punjab

Impact of Gaunda Punjab on a Career in the Punjabi Music Industry

A Unique Talent Hunt

JLPL Gaunda Punjab has been making headlines since the very first day of its auditions. Due to its unusual format, the talent search has gained a lot of popularity within very less time. This is the first show of its kind. The search for exceptional talent in the field of music is the theme of the show but what makes it unique is that it is not only focusing on singers, but also on finding talented artists in the fields of songwriting and music composition. The auditions for the show were held in six cities across Punjab, with the organizers and team now looking forward to a successful start. The program seeks talented aspiring artists in Chandigarh as well as throughout the 23 districts of Punjab.

The Talent show is being launched by Jay Ell Productions directors, Mr. Mehtab Chauhan and Jarnail Ghumaan who is also the creative director and a well known name in the Punjabi music industry. Mr. Jarnail Ghumaan, said of the unique platform, “The goal of this programme is to dig out the rich raw talent from every corner of Punjab and provide them with the exposure and platform they deserve.” “Gaunda Punjab will be the bridge that will help connect artists from Punjab to listeners and audiences from all over the world,” said Mr. Mehtab Chauhan, Director, Jay ELL Productions.

Making A Name In Punjabi Music Industry

The talent hunt can prove to be very fruitful for young and aspiring artists that are looking forward to starting a career in the Punjabi music industry and making a name for themselves. A total of 26 “JLPL Gaunda Punjab” shows will be organized. Around 600 aspiring singers will be given the opportunity to showcase their abilities and talent in the program.  The show will be telecasted weekly on “Balle Balle” and “The Unmute” in India and “Jus Punjabi” (Jus Punjabi) in foreign countries. Along with this, “Gaunda Punjab Show” will also be telecasted on several OTT Platforms. The program will be broadcasted live on the social media handle “JAY ELL RECORDS” on YouTube and Facebook. Although television can be a great medium for artists, with the rising reach of new digital platforms the exception of specifically designed shows like JLPL “Gaunda Punjab” artists can get a great exposure and a different kind of reach.

The Exposure And Experience

The show can prove to do wonders for not just the winners but all the participants as it would give the artists a different kind of exposure. Exposure on a show like this can be extremely beneficial to young artists and singers. They will have the opportunity to showcase your talent to a large audience and gain a wider fanbase by appearing on a talent show with global exposure, which can help you gain recognition and potentially jumpstart your career. While the talent show winner is guaranteed a contract, many of the other contestants will also sign recording, publishing, or management contracts. Artists who do not win will still achieve enormous success in the Punjabi music industry.


In a nutshell, for young performers, participating in a talent show can be a fantastic experience. They will get valuable feedback and coaching from industry professionals, which will help them improve and become better performers. Even if they don’t win, being on the show can be a great learning experience and an opportunity to gain experience in the music industry.

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