If You Want a Fat Tire Electric Bike, This is What You Need to Look For

Electric bikes are becoming more affordable and easier to operate. Most people who ride them say they love it because it’s fun, convenient, and environmentally friendly. And if you live in a big city, you probably already have access to public transportation. With an electric bike, you can still get to work, grocery stores, and entertainment venues with the convenience of a bike. Plus, the price and safety of electric bikes is starting to catch up with those of traditional ones. And most importantly, you will save a ton of money. Here are the features you need to consider when buying an electric bike.

1. A Fat Tire

Fat tires are great for riding long distances without you getting tired. They allow your bike to have more traction over rough terrain and are ideal for off-road cycling. With the addition of an electric motor, a fat tire gives you an extra boost of speed that makes pedaling effortless. This allows you to go much further than you would normally be able to. In addition, you can also take advantage of the tires’ excellent traction to save some serious energy when going downhill or uphill. A Fat Tire Electric Bike is a must- have for anyone who loves adventure.

2. An Efficient Motor

The best way to make sure that your electric bicycle has enough power to get you where you’re going is to select an efficient motor. There are many different variables to consider when selecting an electric motor. Some of these include maximum torque (how fast the motor can spin), wattage (the amount of power it produces), and battery capacity (how much power it uses). Before purchasing your own electric bike, you’ll first need to decide if you want to go with a hub drive motor (the most popular method) or a belt-driven system. A hub motor has no moving parts, but they are heavier and can take longer to charge than a belt-driven unit. And while a belt-driven system may be lighter, it also requires replacing the chain occasionally.

3. A Powerful Battery

A powerful battery is the lifeblood of any electric bicycle. Without a good battery, you won’t be able to charge your ride, let alone pedal it. Most batteries come in two sizes: low amp hour (Ah) and high Ah. Low Ah means that it takes longer to fully recharge whereas high Ah means that you can travel farther before needing to stop and charge. A well-made and robust battery will keep your ride running for a good long while. With a high-quality battery, you will also be able to ride more efficiently with minimal effort. The Upland Plus Electric Fat Bike from Mokwheel comes with sold battery performance that will let you commute to longer distances.

4. Controller

A control board takes care of converting all the information from the speed sensor (found on most electric bikes), the throttle, brake, and shift levers into a digital signal. By using a microcontroller, the electronic controller can do things like calculate the ideal cadence, throttle position, and assist level needed to give you the best performance out of your electric bicycle. Microcontrollers are also used in GPS devices, so that you can use the bike’s navigation system to get you where you need to go without the hassle of taking a paper map out of your backpack.

5. Brakes

The brakes are the last line of defense when it comes to stopping your bike. The brakes are usually the most important safety feature, as they are the only thing that will stop you in case you fall off the bike. Brakes are usually made up of pads and rotors, and are often adjustable. A good quality brake can make a noticeable difference between riding safely and being at risk of injuring yourself or others. Brakes also need to be well maintained, as they need to stop the bike correctly , and the proper maintenance is necessary to make sure that they last a long time.


The throttle is the most obvious feature, and the one that gets the most attention. A good throttle can also be used to increase or decrease speed, to stop or accelerate, and even to change the amount of power that is supplied to the motor at any given time. As with brakes, quality throttle can make a noticeable difference in safety and performance.

7. Gear system.

Most modern e-bikes like the Upland Plus Electric Fat Bike from Mokwheel use a combination of gears , which are a combination of one or more different combinations of chain rings. The gear system is controlled by the rider’s hand , and is usually designed to operate smoothly and precisely, without any need for adjusting or tweaking . When combined with the right amount of power, a good gear will let you move fast without having to brake very often.


This concludes some of the important features that a fat tire electric bike should have. If you want to learn more about features and specifications in general about e-bikes then you should check out the e-bike collection of Mokwheel, as they will explain and provide you detailed information about all of their bikes. 

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