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Huge Skyrocketing Increase in the New Trend – buy cryptocurrency

What is Meant by buy cryptocurrency?

E Trade Crypto also referred to as digital crypto tokens are digital or virtual assets, backed by cryptography for secure transactions. Cryptocurrencies are not the government-issued type of currency. However, consumers can buy cryptocurrency through online exchanges that allow purchasing with fiats and exchange of tokens within the sort. Furthermore, it is a peer-to-peer system where investors can buy, sell, trade, or exchange coins. Cryptocurrencies are purely digital entries into an online blockchain-backed database. The total market capitalization value of cryptocurrencies altogether has hit $3 trillion, however putting it on par with the amount of gold. Crypto tokens, so far bought from online platforms, are stored in digital wallets. The first and said to be original crypto coin is Bitcoin that was founded by a pseudonymous entity – Satoshi Nakamoto, in 2009. Also, cryptocurrencies uses publicly distributed ledger where the records are kept and that is backed by the blockchain tech. Here, all the transactions and their records are kept safely and securely. 

How to buy crypto with fiats

If an investor buys a token, it is not in physical coin form. It is a key that allows the consumers to move units of measures without having to involve a third party. Bonds, stocks, and several more digital assets can be traded using this very technology. For a secure and privacy-protected purchase, there are steps consumers have to follow.

  1. Choosing a Secure Platform

There are various kinds of platforms where consumers can carry out crypto buying with fiats or exchange one coin with the other. 

  • The online crypto exchange

These are the exchanges that allow crypto buying with some fees for assistance. Furthermore, they are many in number, each with distinct traits. Some offer a massive number of crypto tokens whereas some allow wallet storage. Also, consumers can buy crypto coins with their funds – fiats by getting hold of these platforms. 

  • Traditional Third-Parties – Brokers

These are the third parties that offer buying and selling of crypto coins along with other assets. For instance, stocks, ETFs, and bonds. Furthermore, these online platforms offer comparatively low costs but also fewer features. 

  1. Adding Funds in the Account

The purchase of digital crypto money with fiats can not be carried out without having funds in the account. Furthermore, these platforms have enabled buying of Bitcoin, Ether, and other Altcoins with US dollars, Euros, or Pounds. Several exchanges allow purchase with a credit card but it is considered to be risky. Moving on, some accepts wire transfer but they take a longer time span. With increased and improved features, exchanges charge fees either high or low pertaining to the type of coin and exchange.  

  1. Place an Order

Lastly, the order can somewhat be placed but after undergoing identity verification, a prerequisite for buying crypto with fiats. The order can be somewhat be placed through a broker platform or directly from the exchange. The steps are simple, select buy crypto and choose the desired token. Furthermore, select the number of tokens and don’t invest all in one type. Also, the same process is used to sell crypto tokens. 

The Digital Trading Platform – online crypto exchange

Cryptocurrency exchanges are online trading platforms where consumers can buy or sell crypto tokens. So much so, the coins can be exchanged and traded for commodities. The online crypto exchange should not be confused with digital wallets. The wallets are so far used to store digital currency coins. There are exchanges which accepts fiats and credit cards as payment methods, including USD, CAD, GBP, and JPY. Furthermore, cryptocurrencies are on a rise in Nigeria where 33% of the citizens own crypto coins. Also, the Central Bank of Philippines has approved operating of crypto exchanges as ‘remittance and transfer companies.’

Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The skyrocketing popularity of cryptocurrencies has driven investors from around the globe. Furthermore, the trading pattern has increased manifold in the previous years. 

Protection against Scams and Frauds

The marketplace of cryptocurrencies is entirely online where the transactions involve the use of complicated jargon. Furthermore, if the exchange fails to provide legitimacy, it makes the consumers and their assets vulnerable. The transaction then get murky and even risky. Therefore, investors have to be extra careful for which they should opt for reputable intermediary. This will ultimately protect their purchases and assets. 


There are multiple investors who are interested, for the sake of diversification, in investing in cryptocurrencies. However, they are restricted by the bylaws that oblige them to deal only with reputable platforms. 

Key Takeaways

The cryptocurrencies are now becoming a common trend. Majority of the businesses and industries are allowing purchasing with crypto tokens. So much so consumers can buy cryptocurrency from several types of exchange platforms. Most commonly used is centralized exchange. 

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