How To Wear A Hidden Knife For Women?

When it comes to personal safety there are many routes one can take to secure themselves. But there are various options that work better than others based on convenience and functionality. While you have a wide array to choose from, most people believe in the effectiveness of knives. They are threatening and straight forward to handle with a little practice and vigilance. And luckily, they are also the kind of weapons that have been reimagined and developed the most. We all have heard of some form of hidden blades, and the most common ones are wearable hidden knives.

The concept sounds bizarre and also fantastical but hidden knives are absolutely real. They were used for centuries in different ways and methods and are still going strong. Of course, the designs have changed considerably, but they have become quite handy in current situations. A particularly nifty invention in this department is the hidden knife belt buckle. It has been derived from ancient accounts of wearable hidden blades but has been modified. It is incredibly discreet and sleek and easily portable since you carry it on you at all times. And there is no doubt that any kind of hidden knife, especially a belt, is very useful for women. They can pair it up with dresses, pants or even fasten them to their bags and take them around.

How To Use A Belt Knife When In Danger

Women fall victim to all sorts of violence all the time, at different levels throughout their lives. As unfortunate as that is, there are plenty of solutions including menacing self defense knives. The hidden belt knife can literally go unnoticed in all kinds of formal and social settings. The knife itself is disguised in the belt buckle and can be clicked open with one hand. At the first sign of trouble, women can remove the belt and flip it out to fight any danger coming their way.

The other way to utilize a belt knife is to make sure that it touches the perpetrator. In cases of harassment and assault, a belt knife can be quite invaluable. If anyone tries to overpower or tackle you, you can bump against them and flip the knife open. With a little bit of practice, you can learn how to stab someone with it properly to avoid dissonance. There are many creative ways of using it as well, so you can fasten the belt around your boots or wrists. The key is easy to access and quick thinking, so keep a hand on your self defense belt knife when you’re out.

Best Self Defense Knives To Carry Everyday

As it has been established that knives work well for self defense, you do need to consider convenience. You can’t brandish a kitchen knife all over your neighborhood unless you want to get arrested. There are specific types of self defense knives for women that work better than others. Of course, there is no prohibition for men to use them but they are built for the more vulnerable.

  • Hidden knuckle knife

It is unlikely that you will see women sporting brass knuckles or such contraptions. But as brass knuckles are wearable, they are easier to pass off as bold, fashionable rings. There are multiple designs of knuckle knives that have small sharp blades concealed in them. They are usually disguised through a design or some sort of ornamentation.

Another good option is a kitty knuckle that has two spikes shaped like cat ears. Even though they can be passed off as blades, they look cute and harmless until used. They are both effective for punching, slashing, stabbing, and gouging depending on the level of danger.

  • Necklace knife

Just as jewelry can be a good way of concealing blades or weapons, neck knives work too. They are convenient weapons for men and women but more so for the ladies to hide and use. The neck knife usually has a small push dagger hidden into the necklace shape. It can be yanked off and used as a proper dangerous knife when you are threatened.

  • Lipstick knife

There are some very clever inventions that have been created in the past few years for protection. One of those devices is an indistinguishable lipstick-shaped hidden knife. As it is apparent from the name, it is a blade concealed inside an ordinary-looking lipstick. From the outside you can’t tell that it’s a weapon and that’s the key to sneaking it in anywhere you go. This small self-defense knife can work perfectly when you’re at work or in the club. It is easy to carry and simple to use so it will give you the confidence to go everywhere.

Affordable Self Defense Folding Knives As Alternatives

In whatever shape or form you get to use them, knives will always prove to be invaluable weapons. They are nifty and quite easy to master as well as carry around. In this day and age, you have so many designs and crazy inventions to opt for. But let’s not forget that a simple blade, however small, is still the perfect tool for self-defense.

And with that, you can also always look for a good folding knife for personal safety. There is nothing handier than a pocket knife that’s sleek, effective, and discreet to carry. It is also a good option because you can find literally hundreds of options to choose from. They are readily available in every local market and are convenient for learning some techniques. The only downside is that their mobility is limited as they can get confiscated in most public places.

In that spirit, if you choose to use a hidden knife for self-defense, you can get one of the knives mentioned. You don’t have to worry about going around looking for the best one from a limited selection. Your local stores might not be ideal for searching hidden knives, but the internet is. Knife Import online knife store specializes in affordable and inventive concealed blades. You can look up their products and order the ones you like at reasonable prices without added hassle.

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