How to Use Yieldnodes for Passive Income?

Yieldnodes began in the last quarter of 2019 as a mater-node rental plan. A masternode refers to a building block in different cryptocurrencies. Consider it a mining code rewarded for each block it puts into the blockchain. This is a server that plays a part in a network. For each transaction it offers, it gets a charge or a fee. 

Among the vital tasks for this is authenticating transactions. This is performed by PoS ( Proof of Stake), a more energy-effective option to BTC PoW ( Proof of Work). Bitcoin depends on mining block, while proof of stakes utilized in many other cryptocurrencies depends on validators or also called master nodes. 

To make a masternode, you need to lock money. In short, the locked digital currencies express dedication to the network, thus paying in charges and monthly gains for each confirmed and validated transaction. Most digital coins now pick this or more progressive mechanisms.

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Creating Passive Income from a Node Rental Program

Your deposits and money will go to spawning and funding a lot of masternodes as part of the node rental plan as well as other services the platform operated as part of the network. 

At present, this platform utilizes virtually 4000 masternodes. What is more, each masternode needs a specific number of locked coins that the investment in this system assists in maintaining.

The team offers computing power to make coins in different chains. Investors usually rent servers join in a decentralized blockchain.  

Monetizing PoS: Explain the High Monthly Return

The platform’s income is as high as ten percent per month as of the inherent master nodding return on investment, based on PoS. Online masternodes offer a list of available digital coins with master nodes of almost 300 and the anticipated return on investment when you set up a masternode server.

What is the Upside?

This platform is perfect for people who love to jump into the world of cryptocurrency but like to leverage their earnings. Some altcoins can go up and down in many percent; however, catching the best moments is impossible. Yieldnodes offers an average individual a solution to take pleasure in the crypto world’s benefits as well as yields with no immense volatility associated with each coin’s instant value. The first minimum deposit is 500 Euro; therefore you can earn profit slowly.

On the other hand, the utmost deposit is set to 500,000 Euros. So, if making a deposit of a big amount of funds, call the team for some advice and support.

How Yield Nodes Makes Profit?

Yieldnodes don’t gain directly from the value of the coin, as other trading services usually do; however, instead of master nodding activities and network operation. The more activities, the more transactions happen, the more charges the system gathers. This mechanism offers a hedge against great volatility, offering an average of the comparatively steady gain month by month. In this way, the company provides a remarkable way to earn cash from masternoding, making more anticipated passive income every want.

Establish Trust in YieldNodes

When investing your fund, particularly in digital currency, the biggest issue is keeping away from scams and frauds. Sad to say, social media is swarmed with sad stories about people who provided their money to the wrong company or business. So, prior to investing in this platform, you try your very best to make sure that the team behind it is transparent and honest.

Looking at the team, you can see that they’re a very skilled and talented group of blockchain technology and master node experts, working on this job for the last couple of months. What many people like about this is that they provide additional care to be approachable and transparent. They want to make a community of crypto fanatics that will stay long-term, taking pleasure in the compound rate.

The Advantages of Investing in YieldNodes

  • High monthly returns have an average of ten percent. You’ll not find it anywhere else, surely a remarkable source of passive income. 
  • The compounded rate might get to more than three times the investments annually. 
  • The gain doesn’t depend on the rate of USD/Bitcoin. So, the monthly income remains fixed in months if the rate goes down. 
  • Transparent team, sharing information regarding the platform through a monthly newsletter, approachable support, and many good reviews online. 
  • There is no need to oversee anything except adjusting or modifying the compounded rate. 
  • Investors go in to Know Your Customer. 
  • The minimum investment is just 500 euro or 550 US dollar 

Are There Cons of Investing in Yieldnodes?

  • Yes, like other investing platforms, YieldNodes also have a drawback. Your fund is held in custody which you do not control. The risk begins the time the fund leaves the wallet.
  • YieldNodes is just a small business currently not authorized by the government.


Investing in this platform is a remarkable opportunity for traders to diversify their portfolios, particularly in the world of crypto. It’s a high-yielding investment avenue in the arena of cryptocurrency that allows you to earn passive income from the investment with a relatively fair amount of risk.Even if you deposit your fund in Bitcoin, YieldNodes hedges the risk against it utilizing other coins, making it a stable investment than just trading. Prior to investing, it is vital to be aware of the risks associated with this investment, as in different types of assets, particularly in master nodes as well as cryptocurrency.

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