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How to Use Google Play to Create Mobile Games for Smartphones

Google’s mobile operating system, Android is gaining ground as the number of people who download and use its mobile applications increase. As a result, several Google Android apps have been developed and launched in the market. However, there are many different types of freemium Android applications that offer users a lot of benefits for a low price. Some of these apps offer useful features for free or at very low costs. There are a couple of these apps that stand out among the rest.

The first of these apps is Draw Something: Draw Something is a freemium Android game that provides a fun way for kids to learn how to draw. It comes with an array of basic shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles and ovals. These shapes can be manipulated using the drag and drop interface of the app. When kids drag an item on top of a shape, they make the item draw in the shape of the dragged item.

Another of the many freemium Android apps that is available this year is called Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day. This puzzle game improves cognitive ability by prompting players to perform mind-numbing tasks like reading the alphabetical order of words or solving basic mathematical problems. The longer the players continue to play, the more points they get. Plus, they earn virtual money to upgrade their brain capacity.

Aside from these free apps, there are also android game developers that have released their paid games for a fee. Mind Traffic is one of these. This online brain fitness game challenges players to clear levels in the shortest period of time. Players advance by acquiring knowledge through trial and error. It also makes use of visual recognition software that uses what is called artificial intelligence. Aside from clearing the levels, this game lets players make use of their thinking powers by trying to complete the challenges and puzzles within the shortest amount of time.

Another popular android app development is the Idol Master. The objective of this game is to create different idols by selecting the best images from a gallery. Players can also purchase and buy songs from an online store. When the songs are purchased, they can then be used in the game. This is just one example of a multi-player flash game using Android game engines.

The other option available is freemium versions of popular paid apps. Examples of these are Zynga’s Facebook version and Linea I and II for phones. These are both available as freemium downloads for a while but later users will have to pay for its in-app purchases. As with the previous game, the player will only be able to unlock more songs once they have accumulated a certain amount of money.

Although some people believe that there are no longer any free-to-play mobile games for mobile devices, there are actually still a number of them available on Google play. However, there is a new entry called F-Play which allows players to try their hand at free mobile games for a limited time. This allows them to see if they enjoy the gaming experience before having to part with any money. Like the Facebook version, F-Play will only allow players to purchase in-app purchases. It is not known if this application will become popular among mobile devices or not.

In conclusion, we can say that there are a number of great examples of android game development available. Most of them use the same engine technology, which means that they run on the same core engine as most freemium and freeware apps. They all use the android studio app to help the user enjoy their mobile game experience.

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