Side Table in Creative Ways

How to Use A Side Table in Creative Ways?

Small objects, like the reliable side table, can have the most impact, whether they’re making an eye-catching statement or fulfilling a utilitarian need. A little but powerful piece that should never be overlooked.

 Unfortunately, side tables are sometimes viewed as an afterthought in terms of décor, crammed in next to a sofa, armchair, or bed. However, there are plenty more inventive ways to use a side table, and we don’t just mean in a decorative sense. After all, this charming piece of wood was made to serve tea.

1. Organize your home office

Due to their small size, side tables are often used as surprise under-desk storage, especially if they have shelves or drawers.

Placing a narrow side table behind your desk can help eliminate clutter and make your home office feel more organized, which increases your attention on any activities that need to be completed.

Pair wooden side tables with wooden desks, glass side tables with glass workstations, and so on to ensure your side table matches your desk. Just double-check your measurements; your legs must still fit comfortably under the desk.

2. Reflective Surfaces Can Improve Lighting

It’s completely obvious that adding mirrored or reflected surfaces to a space makes it appear brighter and larger.

Use side tables online in Australia, but with a twist: instead of (or in addition to) putting mirrors on a wall, consider using reflective furniture, such as the ever-dependable side table, to increase the amount of light in a room. When natural light is scarce, place a lamp on top and bask in the extra illumination the table reflects.

3. A Bathroom Side Table Provides a Useful Area

These bedroom side tables typically included a compartment to conceal the chamber pot, as well as a drawer whose purpose is unclear.

While we no longer require a bedside toilet, the side table’s function is far from obsolete. In the bathroom, use a modern spin on this useful piece of furniture to store your amenities, keep flannels, and welcome guests.

4. Add a splash of color to a room with a colorful countertop

Why not include a side table that features that particular tone to make a color in your room’s interior design a little bit more visible, or to bring dissimilar pieces within a space together? It doesn’t need a lot of things — just one little table can give your room the finishing touch it needs. A small amount of vision can go a long way.

5. A Side Table Bar can be used to serve Sidecars

Why not utilize a side table if a full-scale home bar isn’t an option, but you still want to create a practical display of your liquors? Use it as a base to shake up drinks in your sitting or dining area, whether it’s a permanent piece or a temporary bar for entertaining.

 Choose a design with shelves to make it easier to store spirits, mixers, glasses, and other bar accessories. If one table isn’t enough – or you want your bar to be bigger – consider grouping several identical side tables together.


Aside from filling a niche next to the sofa and holding the remotes, what else could a side table be used for? If you’re very picky, make sure the items on top of the side table – such as lamps or ornamental accents – are all the same and symmetrically arranged.

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