How to Talk to Someone in Online Dating: 6 Tips to Follow

We will not exaggerate if we say that a person’s ability to communicate with other people directly affects his fate. There are no situations that could not be settled with a word. And there are no people who completely cut off any communication with others.

If we talk about dating sites and apps, then here your communication skill is one of the main success factors. The ability to find a common language with new people is critically important. Conversely, the wrong approach to communication can lead to numerous unsuccessful attempts to meet on the Web.

We decided to give some tips on how to communicate on websites or in dating apps so that the dialogue is promising and does not come to a standstill over and over again.

1. Take the initiative

Do not expect others to take the initiative in communication. If you are really set on promising acquaintances, we advise you to take the initiative. Don’t be afraid to start the conversation first, don’t hesitate to ask a personal question at the right moment, don’t think too long, act! Find more info on the original source and use it properly.

Of course, you don’t have to be overly intrusive. This is also bad. But if you just register on a dating site and wait for someone to write to you first, then the wait will be very, very long.

2. Ask precise and concise, as well as clarifying questions

It’s easy to ask, “How are you?” or “How are you?” But such questions do not help your communication in any way. They only confuse the interlocutor. He will answer “Normal” and that’s it, the conversation is over. Try to ask something specific, suggesting a detailed answer. Don’t be afraid to ask clarifying questions. They will not only help you get to know the interlocutor better, but also show him that you are really interested in the conversation. And this is the best compliment that does not require any big words and beautiful phrases from you.

3. Don’t be arrogant

In an effort to appear better than they really are, many people cross the line and try to show that they are above everyone else. Sometimes arrogance is just a sign of insecurity. But this does not make it easier for the interlocutor.

Do not be arrogant, show your humanity and naturalness. Each person has their own strengths and weaknesses. It is a fact. Believe me, the true nature will show itself sooner or later. And if it is very different from the image that you have created for yourself on the Web, nothing good will come of it. 

4. Do not use affectionate names in relation to a stranger or unfamiliar person

At first glance, this is a real trifle. But believe me, affectionate or diminutive names can greatly spoil the impression of the interlocutor about you. It doesn’t matter that you just wanted to appear friendly.

At first, we advise you to address the interlocutor by name without any changes. Also, do not use the appeal “sweetheart”, “dear” and others. It may seem to you that with such appeals you have the interlocutor to yourself, but in fact the effect can be quite the opposite. More information you can find in this post.

Follow the elementary rules of ethics and address strangers and unfamiliar people the way you want to be addressed to you.

5. Talk less, listen more

The ability to listen is very important not only during the first meeting, but in general in life. Be attentive to everything that the interlocutor tells you. Don’t interrupt him. Do not try to wedge your own in the middle of his phrase. Even if you really want to say something right now, no need to interrupt. Listen to what the interlocutor says, support his thought, and only after that you can start talking about your own.

6. Try not to be distracted from the interlocutor

In any long conversation, for example, on a video call, you will have to be distracted one way or another. This is fine. But don’t do it unnecessarily. You do not need to click on the phone during the conversation, read articles on the Internet, play games or communicate with someone else at the same time. By such behavior, you only show the interlocutor that he is not interesting to you and that communication with him is a burden for you.

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