store a stroller

How to store a stroller?

How to store a stroller? Many parents today consider baby strollers a must-have piece of gear. Baby strollers can be difficult to store. I’ve compiled a list of the best ways for you to store your stroller.

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You have many places inside and out of your home where your Chicco stroller can be stored when not in use.

Where to store a baby stroller when it is not in use

There are at least 22 ways to store a clean baby Beach stroller when it’s not being used. Check out the following stroller storage solutions to help you solve your pushchair or pram storage issues.

Storage Rooms in Your Building You Can Use

If you have a 450-square-foot apartment, what do you do? ft. apartment? You should definitely use the stroller storage space in your building. If things are known to vanish from time to time, shared storage might not be an option.

You won’t also be able to use your stroller in the elevators or hallways if it isn’t located on the same floor as your apartment.

The Stroller is Out on the Balcony

Many moms place their strollers on the balcony. This stroller storage solution has one problem. The stroller will need to be wheeled across the living area to the balcony.

Keep your stroller safe in the garage

Garages are great places to store lawnmowers and other garden tools. You can also use your garage for stroller storage.

Install Some “Ladder Hooks”, into the Studs

You’ve probably seen these large ladder hooks while you were browsing Home Depot. They are very affordable. They were $2, or close to it, for my husband.

When he is in the garage, I enjoy being with him. He is always there admiring his car and the work of other guys in the garage every weekend. But I digress.

Convert a wall into stroller storage

A good stroller hook can transform any wall into stroller storage. This could be a basement wall or a garage wall.

Ceiling Hooks to Hang Baby’s Stroller

How the stroller frame is designed will affect how it hangs from ceiling hooks. To hang a stroller from a ceiling, you can use a hook with a screw-in.

The Baby Stroller can be kept in your garden shed

You can store your strollers outdoors if you don’t have enough space in your home. Your garden shed is a good place to store them. The garden shed will be out of reach of your children’s eyes and out of their way.

Place Your Child’s Stroller under the Stairway

The triangle is used by creative dads and moms for many purposes. You can make it into a bar, pet’s home, or cozy home office. It also makes a great place for a bookcase, small playroom, or shelter for pets.

Kee the stroller in the Bike Storage Rack

Parents find that their bike rack is a great option to store a stroller/stroller, as it allows them easy access to the stroller whenever they need it.

An All-weather Outdoor Stroller Tent is recommended

If space is limited, you can use a tent such as the one shown below to store your stroller outdoors. This tent is used by bike owners all the time. You should be able to store a stroller inside.

You can save space by hanging your stroller near the door

Your stroller can be easily hung by any door. You can simply hang your baby’s stroller on a hook at the door. You can use this hook to hang your baby’s wheeled carrier in any room, including your living room, basement, garage, or carport doors.


Last Thoughts about Storing Strollers when Not in Use

When you aren’t pushing your baby around, there are plenty of places outside and inside the house, you can put your stroller.

Your strollers can be stored in a garage, basement, under the stairs, or in a corner of the living room.

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