Starting a podcast blog is simple and easy just like blogging. It is gaining popularity especially today, when millions of people are stuck at home with nothing to do because of the quarantine. Just purchase a domain name and web hosting to start your online podcast blog. So without further delay, let’s get started.

Steps to start a podcast on the blog

Let’s discuss the steps to start a podcast on your blog.

  1. Create an action plan

Making the podcast plan and understanding what you want to do is the greatest approach to set yourself and your podcast up to success. Don’t be scared to choose a niche for the podcast. Niches attract a lot of loyal listeners. Make a rough outline of the podcast’s genre and the kind of topics you intend to cover in each episode.

  1. Create a timetable and a few episodes 

Consider how frequently you want to release new episodes once you’ve decided the topic your podcast will cover. Remember that each episode must require some planning, recording, and editing work. You are the boss when it comes to producing your podcast: you determine the pace. After you’ve gained some knowledge, you may easily go from a biweekly to a weekly timetable. Simply maintain a steady pace.

  1. Shop for the right equipment

For podcast recording all you need is a microphone and good headphones or a headset. If you record with several other hosts, then the best gamble is an Audio Recorder Gear Supply used pro audio gear for better quality speaker.

  1. Come up with a name, a sound, and, appearance

Now is the time to come up with a podcast title. It may include your name, be a pun, or just be a catchy phrase that encapsulates the spirit of podcast content. Keep in mind that the name of your podcast should be brief and memorable. Consider how you want the podcast to sound and appear once you’ve decided on a name. Intro and outro music can help the listeners relax and become familiar with the episodes. The following step is to create a cover for the podcast. The audience sees your cover before they hear you. You may make the initial impression count by selecting a photo or image that suits your theme.

  1. Pick a location to record a podcast

To get high sound quality, you don’t need to set up a professional home studio. Almost any space may be converted into a studio. Just stay away from too many flat objects that the sound will bounce off. 

  1. Tap the record button!

It’s time for you to tell your stories. Numerous podcasters use editing tools to record directly. Remember to record a brief introduction to introduce yourself and what your listeners may anticipate from your podcast. A short farewell with methods to reach you at the end of your episode is good. You may also ask the podcast’s listeners to rank and review it.

  1. Edit your episode

The majority of podcasters use their editing tools to record directly. Many of them rely on free software. There is a learning curve to editing, but it isn’t rocket science.  It can be beneficial to modify the recording in two stages:

  • First, listen to the audio and make any necessary edits to improve the clarity of the material. Remove all non-essential items.
  • You may then edit for style and remove expletives during a second round. After that, apply some filters or effects to the audio to make it more polished.

Once you’re satisfied with the recording, just export the file in an mp3 format and you’re ready to broadcast your first episode!

  1. Select a web hosting service

You need to choose a place to host your podcast now that your first episode has now been produced and edited. There are several podcast cheap web hosting options available online. Almost all of them offer various plans, some of which are free.

  1. Get the podcast listed

It’s finally time to release your podcast into the world. The podcast’s RSS feed will be provided by your hosting company. Listeners may listen to the program on many different platforms by supplying the RSS feed. There is a quick start guide for each of these sites that explains how to send your feed to them.

  1. Promote the show

Congratulations on completing your first episode! promoting a podcast You now want people to hear it, so let them know you’re available! You may wish to create a website that others can visit. And promoting your show on social media is the greatest way to get people talking about it. To attract decent listeners, choose the network that works for you and publish information about your program, teasers, and trailers, as well as invite some guests.


I hope that after following these instructions, you will be able to simply start a podcast on your blog. However, please remember that maintaining the podcast’s social media presence requires effort. No one expects you to be a part of every channel. Choose what is enjoyable and achievable for you, as with every step into the world of podcasting.

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