How To Sell Your Music Online (Spotify, Apple Music & more)

With so many online music stores and streaming platforms to choose from, it can be difficult for new musicians to figure out where they should sell music online. It’s not only about uploading music and counting the money coming in. Artists must be proactive when it comes to their releasing strategy and marketing to compete in the heavy traffic online music business and expand their fan base.

We know a few things about digital music distribution, which is why we’ve put together this entire guide to materialize your music online, providing you with everything you want to know concerning how to sell your music on iTunes, or other platforms by navigating an increasingly saturated market.

Find a music distributor 

First, you’ll need to upload your music to a music distribution site. You won’t have to lose out on information on how to bring your music to the masses. A music distributor is a corporation that assists musicians in getting their music onto major platforms such as iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Instagram, and others. When your music is distributed, it has the potential to be heard by anyone on the planet.

Nothing is as good as MusicDigi. It is a music distribution site where you can upload your song or album for free. Through this site, you can also keep a track of your music by observing where fans are downloading your song and streaming it. you also get paid for the number of times your fans are buying it. the best part is that you keep all the rights to your music. 

Streaming Platforms 

Many fans already trust streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, etc. This is because these are trusted sites and even if fans have to store their card information on such sites, they will not hesitate once to do so. Although as a beginner, if you get your music on Spotify, you may not get as much as you’re dreaming of, the recognition is tremendous. These streaming platforms are the best places to gain a fan base quickly. 

How to Sell Music Online? 

  • You’ll need to create a music selling strategy before you start trading your songs online. Keep in mind the sites you choose where your fans can easily get it.
  • Once you’ve established a mode for selling your music, you’ll want to plan on engaging your fans from the start. Ensure that you announce t your fans your upcoming music.
  • Put your album up for presale in the weeks coming up to release. This will provide you with another opportunity to let fans know about the music and to ask individuals to purchase your record.
  • Slowly releasing singles is a good way to build-up to the release of an album. It keeps you in front of your fans’ minds and gives you plenty of artistic material to promote.
  • When your record is finished, send it out to the fans who pre-ordered it. Then make it available for purchase on your website, as well as via digital stores and streaming platforms. 
  • Follow up with your fans by keeping your music in front of your fans’ minds by scheduling social media postings and email newsletters that direct people back to your website.

If you want to sell your music online, this is the best way to handle it smoothly. Simply know the right streaming platform and music distributor that can give maximum returns. 

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