Home Utility Bills

How to Save on Home Utility Bills

Are you worried about the monthly electric bills and looking for effective ways to cut down on them? While it might look like a massive undertaking of cutting down your electric expenses, the truth is that a few upgrades and slight changes are required to save on the energy bills. While it would be a good idea to invest in some solar panels and assess how much do solar panels cost, here is a list of five tips that will help you save on home utility bills in all seasons. 

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Use an Energy-Saving Dishwasher

If you thought that a dishwasher would be the cause of an increase in water and electricity bills, you were wrong. Contrary to this false belief, you can actually save on electricity and water bills by using a good-quality dishwasher. While washing the dishes with hands can cause an immense loss of water, a dishwasher can save up to five thousand gallons of water annually.

When it comes to setting the dishwasher, you might want to opt-out of the heat-fry feature to save more on your electricity bills. All you need to do is to open the dishwasher a tiny bit and allow the dishes to air-dry. By doing so, you can save up to 50% of the dishwasher’s electricity bills. 

Use a Ceiling Fan

If you live in a region where the summers are warm, refrain from touching the thermostats and consider installing a ceiling fan instead. The primary reason for doing so is that a ceiling fan can make the interior space feel ten degrees less warm. Besides, a ceiling fan only uses ten percent of the energy consumption of a central air conditioning system. 

Only Use Energy-Saving Bulbs

Another trick to save on home utility bills is to use LED bulbs instead of incandescent lighting. It has been analyzed that LED bulbs can save up to 75% of electricity bills which equals loads of savings. You might also want to opt for motion detectors as the best solution to stopping waste. The benefit of motion detectors is that lights get turned on automatically when someone enters a room. This way, you don’t have to follow your friends and family inside the house and turn off the lights after them. 

Opt for a Microwave

If you are not preparing a meal but heating up food or prepping something small, you might use a microwave instead of an oven. The small appliance will cost you less than turning on the stove. Small appliances such as a toaster or microwave can help save on electricity bills as compared to running an oven for everything. 

Use Standby Mode

Instead of keeping your electronic appliances on, you might want to put them on standby mode, which will save you a lot on electronic expenses. However, keeping the electronics on standby, you can expect a 10% increase in your electric bills. Hence, the trick is to shut your computers and televisions completely off when you don’t intend to use them. 

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