How to promote your YouTube Channel on Channel Search

With more than 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube is the second largest social network in the world. Millions of users around the world consume one billion hours of video every day, making it a great place if you want to promote your brand or product in the digital space.

The boom in video content has resulted in the growth of marketers or individual creators striving to master YouTube promotional strategies. And it is not surprising! Currently, there are millions of active channels on YouTube creating content and trying to grow their business through video. To stand out in this competitive world, you must not only create quality content but also master the maximum number of promotional strategies.

To help you take this step forward with lasting impact, we’ve put together a list of 17 promotional strategies and tools you need to master and use to promote your YouTube channel.

Invest time in YouTube SEO


YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. People visit YouTube daily to find solutions to their problems, learn something new, or just for fun. Therefore, in order for your channel to be successful, you need to invest time in SEO YouTube. Do some keyword research to understand your audience’s expectations, then optimize your content for those keywords?

Keyword research is the first step in a successful SEO strategy. Carefully done keyword research will give you an idea of what your audience is looking for, demand for certain topics, or give you a whole new idea on your next video.

The easiest way to generate a keyword list is to search on YouTube. All you need to do is go to YouTube and start typing the keyword for the topic you want to cover. The suggested search list can give you a general idea of what people are looking for on YouTube.

For more advanced keyword research, tools great way to start your keyword research.

Another keyword research strategy you can use is figuring out which keywords your competition is targeting and trying to target the same keywords. You can do this again by searching YouTube and then analyzing the top ranked results.

Pay attention to video descriptions

Video descriptions help YouTube understand the context of your video, leading to higher rankings. Be sure to write a description for each of your videos. The description doesn’t have to be very long, but try to keep it in at least 250 words. Include your main keyword in the first 25 words. To prevent keyword stuffing, use no more than 3-4 keywords in the description.

Your description of the video should let viewers know what to expect from the video. Think of it as a brief overview of the topic of the video. If your video is long, or if you cover more than one topic during the video, it is recommended that you include a timestamp. In the last part of your video description, include a link to your website, a relevant product, or links to your social media accounts.

  1. Think about metadata

The main purpose of metadata is to help YouTube understand the content of your video so that the algorithm can deliver it to the right viewers. Your video title and description are also powerful clues and can be thought of as metadata. However, there are two other things you should take into consideration: tags and categories. Search and add relevant keywords and select the category of your video to target the right audience.

  1. Configure your channel

This is a crucial step that is often overlooked by many. However, filling out all of your profile information is not only an easy way to market yourself to your audience, but also a great way to optimize your channel for SEO. If you haven’t completed your channel details yet and want to do so now, here’s what you need to pay attention to:

  • Channel Description – Your channel is a short and effective way to tell your audience about the nature of the content you are creating. It is also a very effective way to stimulate research. Include a few keywords in your channel description. For example, if you post makeup tutorials, mention it in your description.
  • Connect other social platforms – If you have any pages or communities on social media, be sure to add the links to your channel. This will entice your most engaged viewers to join you on other platforms as well.
  1. Add illustration for the channel

Your YouTube channel artwork is the background photo you use in your channel and your profile icon. This is what gives your channel a distinct look and makes it stand out among the competition. Here are examples of YouTube channels with and without channel artwork. The one with an illustration looks a lot more remarkable, doesn’t it?

  1. Use catchy titles

It can be said without exaggerating that headlines have the power to make your video believable or make it fail. Success on YouTube comes down to the quality of your content and how you present it, and the title of the video is one of the most crucial parts of that presentation. It tells your potential viewers what your video is about. Your video title is one of the first things people see when they find your content, and if it’s not strong enough, people will skip to the next video. This is why it is essential to make it as impactful as possible.

Here are some tips for writing effective titles for your YouTube videos:

  • Be specific – Keep your headlines short. Try not to exceed 60 characters in the title, otherwise it will be cut out. If you decide to go for a longer title, be sure to include the essential information in part one so that it gets noticed.
  • Include Keywords, But Stay Familiar – After doing the keyword research, you can incorporate the most relevant keywords into your title. However, be careful to stay communicative and not look like a robot.
  • Be Descriptive – YouTube video titles aren’t exactly about keeping an air of mystery. Make sure the title of your video tells viewers what it is. Here are some examples of successful video titles.


It is not easy to promote your YouTube channel and retain your audience. Besides being armed with smart strategies, you also need to be patient. Use the tips and strategies we’ve covered in this article, and you will gradually see growth in views and traffic. While some of these strategies take some effort, the payoff is well worth it. The most important thing is not to be disappointed if the results are not immediate. Be ready to get involved and, who knows, maybe you will be the next global YouTube star!

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