How to Promote Your Small Business Brand on Social Media

Most marketers and entrepreneurs spend a lot of time online trying to identify the most recent social media marketing strategies and this is for a good reason. They publish their business using their Alphabet logo, branding colors and marketing designs. Statistics show that there are over 4.2 billion social media users today, meaning that the number has doubled within the last 5 years. The statistics further show that average social media users spend around 2 hours and 25 minutes per day on social media channels. 

The 2.25 hours offer a great opportunity for every business owner to build brand awareness, develop good customer relationships, and make direct sales. Unfortunately, that is not possible without mastering social media platforms. Below are the tips you need to master social media and start promoting your small business brand.  

  1. Be Committed to Social Platforms  

This is the first thing you can do to master social media platforms and promote your small business brand online.

Growing a social media audience, creating great social media content, and increasing social engagement is not easy task. That forces some big brands to give up on social media campaigns within a few months. That should not happen anymore because a more recent study showed that it only takes 8 months to 1 year to understand what your target audiences like and what they dislike. 

Your commitment to social media platforms should start with proper planning. Develop a good social media strategy so that you can hold your small business accounting. Ensure that the strategy includes a mission statement, your content plan, and your business objectives. Further, include a statement on why more people should follow you on social media, the type of content you should create and post, and what you are planning to achieve. Finally, use your brand images, logo and colors to make it memorable.

  1. Show Your Personality 

The second thing you have to do to master social media platforms and grow your small business is to be yourself when on the platforms. You will attract the right followers naturally by allowing your real self to shine. 

To show your personality in a better way, act like you are a hostess and your social media followers are already at your party. One of your goals as the hostess will be to ensure that everyone at the party stays happy and loves being there. Ask your target audiences questions, listen to their answers, and respond to their questions and comments. Next, be entertaining; prove your sense of humor, and offer value and inspiration. Finally, use your branding materials, logo, alphabets and colors to make your branding shine.

  1. Listen to Your Target Customers

Your listening skills are very important for business success. Actually, it can be hard to provide your target customers with what they need if you cannot listen to them.

While people could reach their target audiences easily in the past, it was hard to tell whether the audiences were listening to them or not. So, all they could do was assume that their audiences received their messages. Social media has changed that. 

Today, you can run surveys to learn what your target customers want. Surveys allow business people to question their target audiences, find out their requirements and challenges, and finally know what they should provide to them. Other methods of listening to customers are analytics and social listening. The methods will tell you what your customers are saying and what your competitors provide. 

  1. Choose a Few Networks and Focus Your Attention on Them 

Brand marketers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts know that every social media platform evolves constantly. Developers of these platforms add new tools almost every day or week to facilitate the engagement of their communities. That means you have to select a few social networks and focus on them for your business to grow. 

Identify the social networks that most of your target customers use and create content suitable for the platforms. You have to keep in mind that almost every social platform has its ecosystem and identity. The identity is based on the interests of the users and the challenges they face. 

  1. Keep in Mind that Passion is Important for Your Success 

Passion keeps social media marketers and entrepreneurs motivated to keep generating memorable content. Some people take many months of hard work to reach a point where they can feel proud of their social media platforms. Unfortunately, a large percentage of business people, particularly those desiring quick results, abandon their social media campaigns within a short time. You should not do that. 

All you have to do is continue publishing content. One great thing about social media is that you can publish any content, including content that is not related to your brand. Avoid publishing content that you do not care about because such content is unlikely to help your business flourish.

  1. Use Video Marketing with Your brand and Logo

Video marketing is among the trending topics and therefore you have to experiment with it to master social media and promote your small business. While most marketers know this, they struggle when it comes to choosing the topics for their videos. The best solution to this problem is, to begin with, the topics that work. Visit your blog and identify the topics that generate a lot of traffic and create your marketing videos around them. . Make sure to always include your brand colors, alphabet, brand images, and your logo.

Alternatively, you can check your social media channels and identify the type of videos that your competitors make and use the topic ideas to generate your videos. Look beyond your industry and ensure that your videos are between 60 and 90 seconds long. 

  1. Exploit Your Content 

Another step in mastering social media and promoting your small business involves exploiting your existing content. Most business people and entrepreneurs have a lot of things to handle and they, therefore, tend to forget that publishing new content every day is unnecessary.

  1. Do Something Interesting When Offline 

Digital marketing, posting engaging or original stories and images on your social media can be hard if you do not do something compelling when offline. Therefore, you have to try something new every day so that you have new perspectives and experiences to share on social media. Some people will attend classes, try out new apps, and others will watch movies. 


Using social media platforms to promote small businesses is not as easy as most people might think. However, you can implement the above strategies to increase your sales. Always include your brand images, alphabet, colors and the design of your logo, to make your brand standout. 

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