Laser Hair Removal in Melbourne

How To Prepare Yourself For A Laser Hair Removal

Preparing for an appointment for laser hair removal can do a lot in protecting the skin and making sure that the procedure goes without any hiccups. Laser Hair Removal in Melbourne can be considered one of the most famous non-surgical cosmetic procedures available in the city. The market valued at about a billion dollars and predicted to grow considerably well in the coming years. 

Laser Hair Removal in Melbourne can be a great way to get rid of all the hair on your body without the added hassle of weekly waxing appointments and weekly shaving routines. Get rid of all the hairs permanently, cut down on all the costs of shaving and waxing the hair and see the money pile up since there’s no need to pay for the extra expenses. However, if Melbourne residents want to do away with the constant cuts and scratches of shaves, then they need to prepare themselves first for their laser hair removal procedures to go smoothly. 

1. Stay out of the sun or the tanning salons in Melbourne for at least two weeks before the date of the procedure. That means avoiding the beaches like Port Melbourne or the Middle Park until the treatment is complete. The treatment cannot be performed to its full effectiveness if the skin is tanned or sunburned, so keep that in mind when going out. So take care to apply for adequate protection when stepping out in the Australian sun. It might be worth noting that the skin will also be extra sensitive after the treatment, so follow the doctor’s advice on how long to keep the skin from getting the sun after the procedure. 

2. Stop all waxing appointments and take care not to pluck the hairs for at least six weeks before the day of the treatment. Laser hair removal targets all the hair follicles at the roots, so it’s better to leave them be for the time being. Shaving, on the other hand, is okay and even encouraged. Sometimes the clinic will direct the patient to shave the day before the treatment to ensure that the procedure works well. 

3. Don’t use creams, makeup products or other cosmetics on the skin as it can increase the effect of photosensitivity for the lasers. This can increase the chances of the laser burning the skin. Stop applying the skin care products at least a few days before the treatment. It’s best to get the doctor’s advice on what to use after the procedure is done. Plus, arrive at the clinic with clean skin without any cream or other skin care products.  

4. If there are any medications or pills involved, let the doctor know and get their approval first so that the medications won’t cause any side effects. Most medications can make the skin sensitive, and others like aspirin can have blood thinning properties, both of which are not good for the procedure. A lot of professionals recommend avoiding caffeine too. 

5. Don’t forget to consider the wardrobe too and go for soft and loose fabric as the skin will be sensitive after treatment. Even a fairly coarse material can cause massive irritation. 

Redness and instances of swelling with slight pain are all normal symptoms that occur after the treatment. Apply a small pack of ice if needed, but don’t use any creams or subject the skin to tanning for a few weeks after the treatment. Repeated treatments are required to completely get rid of all the hair. However, it depends on the patient and the intensity of the procedure. Long-term procedures will ensure that the hair becomes finer and lighter in colour over the years. 

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