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How to Practice Yoga For Upper Back Pain

Has back pain ruined your happy life? If so, it is high time to cure your back pain. You might have tried every hook and crook to heal your back issues. However, do you know that yoga practice is one of the best methods to cure back pain? Yes! You read that right. Practicing yoga for upper back pain restores your spine to its natural phase and heal the pain.

However, most people are unaware of how to practice yoga for upper back pain. Worry not! Read the following points to get started with your yoga practice and live a pain-free life. But before that, read about what yoga for upper back pain is.

What is Yoga For Upper Back Pain?

Upper back enclosed of muscles located in neck, scapula, rear shoulders, and spinal muscles. When it comes to practicing yoga for upper back pain, it talks about various poses that work on the mentioned muscles.

Moreover, it includes various stretching exercises to loosen up the back muscles. It helps in increasing the flow of blood to these muscles that reduces swelling or pain. Thus, yoga for upper back pain rightly eradicates entities that cause back pain without the use of any medication.

Key Poses of Yoga For Upper Back Pain

Downward Facing Dog

Balancing your body on all fours is going to remove pressure from your upper back. It further strengthens the front muscles of your body that puts minimum pressure on your back muscles. Hence, you get relief with the consistent practice of the Downward Facing Dog.

Child’s Pose

Another pose that works perfectly on your upper back is the Child’s Pose. It relaxes your spine and improves its ability to stretch. Further, practicing the Child’s pose improves your overall flexibility and releases all the stress on your back muscles.

Standing Forward Bend

Bending forward while standing on your feet is going to stretch your spine and upper back muscles. It also helps in improving the agility of your hamstring muscles. Hence, it is one of the best poses of yoga for upper back pain that you should inculcate in your routine.

Sphinx Pose

When it comes to stretching your upper back, nothing comes at par with the Sphinx pose. Moreover, it makes your elbows and shoulders strong since you balance your body on your arms. The upward bending stance while your lower body is closely attached to the ground massages your spinal muscles.

Reclined Twist

Twisting your spine not just improves your mobility but also loosens up the stiff muscles. Furthermore, the Reclined Twist stretches your upper back muscles while pinning your body to the ground. This turn by turn twists your spine that improves your ability to move your body freely.

Thread the Needle

Thread the Needle is one of the best poses of yoga for upper back pain that targets your shoulders, neck, and upper back pain. Furthermore, this pose works on your oblique muscles that improve the support of your spine. Hence, it is a perfect package to relieve back pain issues.

Precaution to Keep in Mind

Pain might not allow you to fully practice yoga for upper back pain. Moreover, pushing through pain could also lead to further injuries. In that case, some precautions can help you practice yoga without any hassle.

  • Move your body slowly first
  • Make sure you first learn the mechanisms behind different yoga poses
  • Don’t push your body beyond a painful point
  • Ensure to use various yoga props for better support
  • Wear comfortable clothing to facilitate your body to move freely
  • Don’t stop breathing while practicing various poses of yoga for upper back pain

Wrap Up

You should not ignore any kind of pain in your body. Moreover, while practicing yoga, you should respect the limitations of your body. Just push your body to the point where it does not pain.

Further, you should create a routine as per your needs and comfortability. Hence, rather than following a generalized approach, always tune the yoga practice as per your requirements. It customizes your practice so that you get the most out of it. Just make sure you practice every day to have long-lasting effects on your body. Moreover, it will heal your improper body posture and cure pain over time.

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