How to Play with your Betta Fish for Fun and Entertainment

Keeping Betta Fish is a rewarding hobby. They are sociable, interactive, and curious. They are also beautiful and remarkably different from other freshwater fish. Keeping Betta fish is a great way to spend time with friends or family members. They are also a great source of entertainment. Betta fish are playful, and they enjoy interaction with their owners. Get more info on how to play with your betta fish:


What You Need to Play With Your Betta Fish

Your betta fish will need a tank to live in. The tank should be at least 2-3 gallons, and it should have a lid for the top. Betta fish come from waters that are typically between 82-88 degrees Fahrenheit (28-31 degrees Celsius). You will also need an air pump and an air stone or filter to ensure that your betta fish has sufficient oxygen.

You will also need food, like pellets, flakes, or freeze dried bloodworms. Betas can also eat live feeder guppies or other small live foods, but this is optional.

Finally, you will need a flashlight to play with your betta fish at night.


Hide and Seek

Betta fish love to play hide and seek. You can hide behind a piece of paper or in a cup and watch while your betta fish tries to find you. They are not quick so it should be easy to find them.




Hide and Spot

Betta fish enjoy playing. The Hide and Spot game is a great way to keep your Betta fish entertained. All you need is an empty jar and some objects or plants for the Betta to hide behind.


Be a Good Swimmer

The most important thing to realize when playing with your betta fish is that they are a different species of fish. They are not like goldfish, who enjoy being hand fed and petted. Betta fish will readily swim to the top of the tank for food, but if you try to push their head back down underwater, they will often struggle violently. When interacting with your betta fish, remember that they need oxygen to survive and need room in the tank to swim around.


Diving Fish

You can play with your fish by throwing a toy or other object into the tank. This will give them something to chase around and explore. Try using a bath toy that you can put in and out of the water, like a rubber duckie.


Dory Game

The Dory Game is a great way to interact with your betta fish. To play the game, make sure you have some food on hand. You’ll also need a laser pointer and a full tank of water. Start by hiding the food in one area of the tank with your laser pointer. Then, release your Betta fish into the tank and watch them go on a hunt for their food.

They’ll swim around looking for it; if they find it, they will eat it and then swim back to explore more. If they don’t find their food in time, they’ll start to look for somewhere else to hide it. This game is an excellent way to keep your Betta fish active and entertained while getting your exercise in as well.



A tangram is a puzzle where you have 7 pieces to form a geometrical shape. They are great for betta fish because they are mentally stimulating and provide the opportunity to interact with your pet. You can use this game as a way to teach them their name or as an exercise in patience.



Betta fishes are a lot of fun to play with. They enjoy the attention and will get bored if you don’t show them any love. Playing with your fish will make both of you happy and entertained.

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