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How to parent school-age kids?

School-age kids refers to children who are of ages 6 to 9. While parenting is never easy, it is especially crucial to get the job right during this age. Children are just developing into their personalities, and any misstep by the parents can then have a lasting impact on the health of their child.

Parenting tips

It is important for parents to be mindful of the factors that are especially relevant to the school-age kids, so that their mental and physical health can be catered to accordingly.


Amongst the physical factor, diet perhaps plays the most important role. Children are still growing, and their bodies are still developing. Therefore, they need to be given the right nutrition to supplement their growth.

If you are not sure about the caloric requirements of your child, or if they are picky eaters or suffer from allergies, you can enlist the help of a dietitian via to help you make a meal plan for your school-age child.

However, always go for natural food. Cut back on the processed and junk food. To help with growth, give them plenty of protein. Healthy fat is also important, especially for cognitive functioning.

Since at this point, they have developed taste buds, and have become enslaved to taste, you might have to face opposition during mealtimes, but you mustn’t give in. They might want burgers and sodas, but these items offer empty calories, that then pose the risk of obesity.

Sugar, and especially cola, is extremely bad for the teeth as well. Hence, make sure not to introduce it around the house to begin with.

Encourage healthy snacks like fruits and nuts. Try to cut back on the juice-packs; juice, even if fresh, is high in sugar, and causes sugar rush.


While most kids this age can shower on their own, they still might need an extra hand here and there. Make sure that you teach them how to shower properly, cleaning up in all places. Similarly, teach them the correct way to brush their teeth as well.

They should know when to shower, for example, they must take a bath after sweating in the field.

On with the adulthood

School-age kids start to experience independence, albeit in small doses. Parents need to thus start readying them for slightly more grown-up experiences.

You should ask them to help around the house, perhaps with little cleaning, setting up the table, fixing their own room etc.

Alongside, you should also educate them about money. When they learn the importance of hard work in making money, their attitude towards it changes. They also feel proud of buying treats from the money they made themselves.

Physical activity

The importance of physical exercise cannot be stressed enough. Children are still growing, and so are their bones. Exercise helps in building greater muscle mass and stronger bones.

Moreover, sedentary lifestyle, especially when coupled with poor dietary choice, also then poses the risk of obesity.

Since kids this age are full of energy, exercise also helps it channel properly. Thus, make sure to encourage your child to participate in sports. Spend quality family time doing physical activities.

Mental health

School-age kids start to develop sophisticated thinking, due to which, parents need to be considerate about their mental health, as children this age can suffer from problems like depression and anxiety.

Mealtime discipline

Just is what you eat is important, how you eat is also important. Teach your kids not to snack before mealtime. Similarly, go easy on the liquids before meals, as otherwise, they will have trouble finishing their meal.

Try to talk to them about the menu, so that they feel heard and are more excited about their meals. However, if your child still has trouble finishing their meal, perhaps you should  consult Child specialist in Karachi for understanding why your child is feeling so.


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