How to Market Your Managed Services Business Using Flyers

Organizations seeking a small number of new clients, or even a large number of new clients (such as a cleaning service or a copier repair business), can spend a lot of money printing and delivering a lot of flyers, with the anticipation of only a few potential clients showing up.

As an independent client consultant, however, the cost of embarking on a significant mission in which you’ll print and deliver a large number of flyers indiscriminately (especially if you’re just beginning out in the counselling industry) would not be sufficient to justify the high cost.


Essentially as by the Same Token:

Bring abandon when making a house-to-house cold pitch (along with your business card and a note). Following a phone conversation with a potential new customer, a link to an email is established.

As a follow-up email to a planned customer with the subject “more data.”

Alternatively, as a suggestion for something like a free local assessment of their PC support requirements. (A great way to sell them exactly what they need – which isn’t always the same as what they THINK they need.)

Because you will be handing out or mailing your flyer to a limited number of people, your production costs will be minimal. You have the option of printing your flyers on your own inkjet printer (assuming you have a good printer and quality, heavyweight paper) or having small production runs delivered by an online printing administration.

A compelling flyer contains the following components:

1. An enticing headline

At this point, you’ll either get their attention or have your flyer thrown away.

Your feature should either benefit the reader or pique the reader’s interest. How about…

“5 Reasons Why John Smith Should Be Your Personal Computer Consultant!”

2. Your Remarks

In contrast to other types of administration arrangements, this is your list of administrations that can be introduced. It is up to you to demonstrate what your unique selling proposition (USP) is. What distinguishes you as the best option available.

3. A limited-time offer

This is the point at which your flyer becomes a powerful marketing tool. Encourage your reader to act by providing specific instructions and a compelling proposition, such as one of the examples below:

“Call before October 31st and receive 30 days of free server monitoring!”

“Call us right now for a FREE 27-Point Network Assessment.”

While the content of your flyer is important, so is the plan. A copied flyer with dark dispatch text and clipart will not suffice. If you want to learn more about how to make attractive flyers or see attractive flyer designs, go to PhotoADKing’s website, where you’ll find amazing eye-catching flyer designs that will help you learn and understand more about flyers.

In any of the current standard office distribution or word processing applications, a highly effective flyer can be planned economically and effectively. If visual computerization isn’t your strong suit, there are numerous options for contracting out the work to a specialist (try or an online printing and configuration management service.

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