How to Keep Beverages Chilled Before Serving in a Hot Day

Having a cold drink on the hot summer days is a blessing. We need to recharge our bodies when the burning sun makes us feel dizzy. Drinks are an essential part of our diet routine every season. But with the temperature rise, we want to increase the number of cold drinks. People will consume more chilled drinks in the summer and spring months compared to the winter and autumn season. The one reason for consuming more fluids is the less liquid content in our body. We tend to lose extra fluid than we drink during hot days and fall prey to dehydration. 

The one significant barrier is the warm temperature to keep the bottles chilled on a hot sunny day. Many bars and restaurants use a hotel fridge to keep the bottle chilled before serving. Know that the flavor and taste of the drinks depend upon the serving temperature. The beverages will not taste the best if you drink them warm. That is the cause we need to keep the drinks chilled to enjoy their delicious flavor. To keep the drinks cold, you can use an appliance. The fridge and freezer work the best for you. But what to do when you are going on an outing with your friends and family?

Why refrain from using ice cubes in your drinks?

Most people think that using ice chunks in your drink is the easiest way to get yourself a chilled beverage. But know that the small ice chunks in your liquid will melt faster. You might not feel any difference in the taste at first. But after a few minutes, you can feel the flavor becoming bland. The reason is that the ice cubes in your drink will melt and will dilute the drink. You should opt for large ones if you still want to use ice cubes in your liquid. Large-sized ice cubes will melt slower and release less water content in your beverage. 

To keep your bottles chilled for a long time, we have prepared a list of solutions. Below are some practical ways to keep the beverages chilled on a hot day before serving.

Keep them in the fridge: 

The first method is to keep your bottles or cans in the fridge such as Interlevin Lgf5000 or whatever else refrigerator you have. It is the most effective and easiest method to keep the warm bottles chilled. Know that keeping the beverages in the refrigerator is not a quick method. Besides, this method will not help you if you want to keep the bottles chilled while going on a trip. Chilling the drink in the fridge will take at least two and almost nine hours. 

Pre-chill in the freezer:

This trick will work if you have planned a road trip and want chilled beverages. You can chill the drinks in the freezer one night before the outing. You will require at least 24 hours to keep the bottles cold for tomorrow. Pre-chilling your beverages in the freezer will keep them chilled during your trip. 

Invest in a bottle cooler:

Pre-chilling drinks in the freezer might not seem the best idea for a long hot summer day. Your pre-chilled drinks can become warm after three to four hours. So, what to do when you are out on a long day tour? The solution is a bottle cooler. The insulated cooler design will help maintain the temperature of food and beverages. Know that you need to chill the drinks before time to keep them in a cooler. Another trick is to fill the cooler with ice chunks and place the beverages inside. This trick will help to keep the drinks chilled for the longest time.

Place them in cold water:

You can also keep the bottles chilled when you keep them in the cold water. Take a tub of cold water. After that, put some large pieces of ice in the water. Now dip your cans or bottles in the tub of water. This trick works the best when you go on a fishing trip or to a beach.  

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