How To Fix the HP Printer Driver Unavailable Issue?

Printers are the most crucial device in our workplace and home too. Printer helps to transfer the softcopy of the documents in  the hardcopy. With all the benefits of printers, it is a fact that the printers also show some kinds of errors. Sometimes it happens when you try to print out the documents you will face an issue regarding Printer Driver is Unavailable.

This error is most common on the HP Printers but it may occur when you are working with any brand’s printer too. The reason which is affecting this issue can be when your driver is not compatible with your WIndows or is outdated.

Don’t worry if you are facing this issue. We will explain to you the stepwise solutions to solve How to Fix the HP Printer Driver Unavailable error. Let’s get started.

What does it mean when a Driver is Showing Unavailable on the Printer?

If your printer is showing the HP Printer Unavailable issue then it means that there can be a problem in your printer’s drivers either it is not up to the date or corrupted which is stopping the printer from working correctly with the computer. If your windows are not updated may also lead to this driver unavailable issue. 

If you have a faulty driver it will not let you do the printing part and shows you the unavailable issue.

How to Solve this Printer Driver Unavailable Error?

When you have a printer driver which is showing an unavailable error it will stop to scan, copy and do the printing part too.  If you want to resolve this problem use the troubleshooting methods which are mentioned below, but before proceeding to these methods there are few requirements which you need to complete first for the better and the quicker working of the troubleshooting methods.

Let’s discuss the requirements needed before the troubleshooting and also remember that the 2nd requirement is needed only when your 1st requirement will not work.

First Requirement : Change User Account Control (UAC) Settings

In your Windows 10,8, 7 if you try to make any system changes it will show you the (UAC) user account control notification because these changes involve the rights of adim or the user. So if you want to install or download the driver or any required components in your printer then configure the setting of UAC so you will not face any installation problem.

Steps you need to follow to change your UAC setting-

  1. First you have to be sure that before proceeding to any step you should be logged in from the computer’s administrator.
  2. Then move to the control panel then move to user accounts and change the setting of your user account.
  3. In the next step set your slider to the level third just below the level, always check and adobe the two levels of Never Notify. Then on the right you will see a box which has the details summary setting. It would say, “inform me when apps will try to have changes in my pc (default)”. 
  4. After that click on the OK option.
  5. Now if you see the User Account Control Settings window then click on yes, which will give permission to the app so that it can make changes in the device.

Second Requirement : Complete Verification of the Admin Account

It is possible that your first requirement will not work; this may be because of the step of verification by Windows. This process will help you in identifying all the illegal presence in your account. 

For this follow the below mentioned step:

  1. First be sure that before you proceed to the next step you are logged in from the administrator computer.
  2. In the next step move to the Control Panel and then move to the accounts of users and in your pc settings do the changes in your account. Then below the info heading select the verify option. 
  3. Now choose and select your email address and click on the next option when your windows will ask “how would you like to get this code.”
  4. Then you will get a verification code form the microsoft to your email address, you have to paste that code where it is asked to mentioned and then click on the next option
  5. When you are done with the verification part you can move to install your driver.

Why Is My HP Printer Driver Unavailable?

The reason behind your Printer Driver Is Unavailable can be when your driver is working and installed not in favour of your printer.

Methods to resolve this error are as under – 

Method 1- Reinstall the Printer’s Drivers

It may be possible that the printer driver lost the important files or is corrupted; this may lead to the unavailable error. In this situation you have to uninstall your respective software and then install your driver on the pc again. 

For this follow the given steps- 

  1. In the first step just Move to the Control Panel, from there go to the hardware and Sound then choose the option Device and Printers and lastly select the Device Manager. 
  2. In the next step click and select the queues to print so that you can view the drop-down list. In that list you will find the model of your printer and click right on the icon. After that choose the option to uninstall devices.
  3. Now again Gi towards the Control Panel of the computer and select the Devices and Printers option. After that select the  printer then from the right corner of your windows copse remove device. 
  4. In the end you have to make sure to involve all the important components during the reinstallation of the printer driver. 

Method 2- Update the Windows OS

If your operations system is outdated then there is a chance for your driver to be unavailable on your printer error. 

In this situation it will recommend to install all the update of windows, for this follow the below given steps:

  1. In the first step behind your start the menu bar select the search bar and then enter the update.
  2. After that you will see the list options which are regarding your problems. Now Search and choose the Windows Update to check the Updates. 
  3. Then your windows will check the updates and if there are any it will install them on its own.
  4. After you are done with these steps just restart your computer.
  5. Finally, you can print out the page from the pc and check if the changes are done.

Method 3- Exclusive for the Plug-and-Play Printers

If any of you are using the plug-and-play printer then it will be good for you because the process here is the easiest one.

To resolve the issue you just have to follow these steps.

  1. In the first step you have to unplug the cables and the cords which are attached to the printer and computer. We can say just disconnect the printer from the computer. 
  2. Now follow the step wise instructions by the setup Wizard and also Reconnect your everything back.
  3. By chance the Wizard will not turn up, then click on the Start button then go to Settings then to the Devices and Add a scanner or Printer.
  4. In the last Windows will detect the devices who all are connected to the computer and once they get detected then follow the step wise instructions on the screen.

Conclusion – 

We hope that one of the above mentioned methods will let you solve your Printer Driver Unavailable issue. You can also download the software dependable anti-malware as it will work as a protection for your pc. If you still face the issue then you can contact us.

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