How to find the vehicle registration details online

Whenever there is a hit-and-run case on the road, in most cases, the owner of the car flees, and no proper action is taken at the very right moment. In the rarest of the cases, even if someone can note the registration number, the individual has no proper source to track the vehicle through the registration number.

At the maximum interest, one may end up at the Regional transport office jumping from one desk to the other for the cumbersome documentation, which finally reveals the owner’s identity after much time. It may sound too difficult for people having to have a busy schedule. With the growth of the online platform, one can easily access the vehicle registration check online.

We can easily access it through VAHAN.VAHAN is a national vehicle registry to do the vehicle registration check online, which was mainly launched in 2011 by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in collaboration with the National Informatics Centre.

 VAHAN holds the details of numerous motor vehicles ranging up to more than 20 crores. This online website also helps in checking registration certificates RC book renewal status online. This includes all vehicles registered in India, such as cars, bikes, auto-rickshaws, cabs, buses, et cetera. It was discovered mainly by collecting all the details related to registration certificates of motor vehicles and driving licenses from the District Transport Officers (DTOs) and Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) across India.

How to Find details of the Vehicle Owner with Registration Number on VAHAN Website?

Without further delay, let’s go straight on the procedure of accessing the details through the registration number.

We need to visit the official website of VAHAN and follow the step-by-step procedure as has been mentioned below to find vehicle registration details and also check the registration certificates (RC) renewal status online:

  • From the menu bar at the top, click “know your vehicle’s details.”
  • On the following page, provide the registration number of the individual’s vehicle.
  • Enter the verification code as given there, and click on “Search Vehicle.”

This is all that needs to be done, and one may enquire about the details of the owner one may find there. We can access all the details related to your motor vehicle as registered with the RTO.

VAHAN is specifically designed to collect and produce vehicular information given individual requirements of all the Indian states and Union Territories. These details are also in respect of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988.

To find the following details, one can look into the website of VAHAN by entering the vehicle’s registration number:

  • Date of Registration
  • Chassis number (which is not mentioned fully)
  • The engine number (which is not mentioned fully)
  • Name of the owner
  • class of the Vehicle
  • Type of the fuel
  • Details of the Model and manufacturer
  • Duration of Vehicular fitness duration
  • Number of PUC or Pollution Under Control Certificate
  • Motor Vehicle (MV) Tax validity
  • Details of motor vehicle insurance
  • The standards of emission of the vehicle
  • Registration Certificate Status
  • Financier’s name

Find Vehicle Registration Details with an SMS

One can also avail of the details of the vehicle with a simple SMS?

Follow the procedure mentioned below to find the details of the vehicle by using the vehicle’s registration number:

Type VAHAN <space>registration number of the vehicle

Send this to 7738299899

The next time one needs to know the details of the owner of a particular vehicle other than an individual.

Why may one need this online website?

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways announced that the owner doesn’t need to carry around the hardcopy of their vehicles’ documents. They can alternatively save those digitally in DigiLockers. One shall recognize details saved in DigiLockers as legal.