How to Find Shoe Care Manufacturers in the US

How to Find Shoe Care Manufacturers in the US?

Shoe care products are as important as the shoes themselves. There is a long list of shoe care products that are helpful in shoe care in different ways. Some of them are used to clean, polish, and make them presentable. While some shoe care products help to maintain a specific structure of the shoes.

The customer demand for these products to keep the shoes for a longer time. This increasing demand for these products makes the shoe care wholesale business profitable. We are here for the assistance of people who intend to start the wholesale shoe care business.

First, we talk about the trendiest shoe care items that are being used these days. Later on, we will provide an effective strategy to find the manufacturer or shoe care supplier.

List of Shoe Care Products Used for a Variety of Shoes.

  • Cleaning and Shining Formula

In the market, several types of cleaning and shining items are available for shoes like

  • Shoe creams
  • Shoe wax
  • Shoe polish 
  • Shoe lotion 
  • Shoe conditioner  
  • Shoe soap etc.
  • Cleaning Tools

These tools are used for the proper application of products and then cleaning the shoes. Following tools are commonly used for different types of shoes.

  • Horsehair brushes
  • Wipes 
  • Plastic bristle brushes 
  • Suede brush etc. 
  • Shape maintaining and other items

Many accessories are used to provide complete protection, 

  • Shoe trees 
  • Shoe horns 
  • insoles 
  • Heels inserts and several other items are used.

Best Ways to Find the Shoe Care Manufacturer in the USA

  • Online Business Directories

For finding authentic information about the manufacturers of shoe care products searches the online shoes business directories. It is the best source for people that are new in this field. Another benefit of using this source is that it provides information about both online and offline options for shoe care products. These directories have clear contacting information for these suppliers.

  • By visiting Online Websites

Simply search the shoe care items in the USA, and the internet will provide you results with online websites. We have some famous websites for shoe care products for the USA. The following are some names for shoe care products.

  • The Easy Shoe Care

Easy shoe care is an online option for a huge variety of shoe care products. This business is ready to serve its customers in the USA with few working days. They provide free shipping only on the order of more than $85.

  • Pledge USA

Pledge USA is another online website that is offering a huge variety of shoe care products. They claim to deliver the products to all over the USA in a minimum of one day and a maximum of 5 business days. Shipping is free above the order of $15, which is a big advantage for the bulk buyers of shoe items.

  • Mephisto

Mephisto is one of the famous brands of shoes that was established in 1965 and within a few years they made their own unique identity for their shoes. Along with the huge range of men’s and women’s clothes, they have a wide variety of shoes, care products, and accessories. They entertain the customers with free shipping of orders more than $99. 

  • Kiwi

A wide range of shoe care products is also available at kiwi brands. They specifically deal in shoe care products. From a simple shoe polish to brush everything is available on their website.

  • Online Wholesale Platforms

Here is another worthwhile option that is online wholesale platforms. They are specially designed for the business to business dealing. The wholesaler can easily find the wholesale shoe care suppliers there and their prices for these products are also reasonable. Most of these platforms provide free access to wholesalers and their products. Buyers can get wider options in less time with these platforms.


Hopefully, the above methods will be helpful to find the right option. For further effectiveness, we suggest doing some research about the shoe care products. It will help to select the right supplier with the right products. For the first time experience check several options instead of relying on one supplier. What is your opinion about these writing pieces? Do you have any better options for shoe care products? Share it with us for the assistance of others.

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