How to find crappie on fish finder

Crappie are a popular game fish that can be found in many parts of North America. If you’re looking to catch some crappie on your next fishing trip, here are a few tips on how to do it using a fish finder.

What is a fish finder?

A fish finder is a device that can help you find fish in water. There are a variety of different types of fish finders, but all of them use some form of sonar to listen for the sound made by fish swimming through the water. This sound can be used to create an electronic map of the area around the fish finder, allowing you to more easily locate the fish.

There are two main ways to use a fish finder: live bait and bottom fishing. Live baitfish work best when used with a bottom fishing fish finder, as they will swim towards the sound and show up on the screen as if they were hovering above the bottom of the water. When using a live baitfish detector, it’s important to make sure you’re casting it towards areas where there are lots of fish – otherwise, you’ll waste your time and money.

Bottom fishing is a great way to catch Crappie using a Fish Finder. Crappie prefer to live near Structure such as rocks, fallen trees or submerged logs so setting your Fish Finder for these “hot spots” will give you an advantage when fishing for Crappie. 

How to use a fish finder

There are a few things you need to know when using a fish finder to locate crappie. First, the depth at which the fish are dwelling is important. A good starting point is to look for schools of fish near the surface of the water. If you can’t see the school, try scanning further down and increasing your search time. Second, use a wide scan pattern to cover as much of the water column as possible. This way, you’re more likely to find crappie hiding in crannies and holes below the surface. And finally, don’t forget to periodically change your search area in order to cover all potential areas where crappie may be hiding.

How to find crappie on a fish finder

One of the best ways to find crappie on a fish finder is to scan over a particular area for a while and watch the readout for any fish that are caught. Crappie are usually found near lakes, ponds, and other bodies of water, so scanning around these areas may be all you need to find them. You can also try using specific search terms to target specific types of water, such as “creek” or “pond”, in order to narrow down your search.


Crappie fishing can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to know how to find them on your fish finder. Here are three tips that will help you get started:

1. Use a map. Print out a map of your area and mark all the areas where crappie are known to inhabit. This will help you locate those areas easily when hunting for Crappie on your fish finder.

2. Use sound signals. When hunting for Crappie, try casting close to shore or near taller water plants that produce unusual sounds like waves crashing or birds singing. These sounds may attract Crappie from far away, and will let you know if you’ve located one in your target area.

3. Try different baits and lures.Crappie are especially attracted to artificial baits and lures, so experiment with different combinations and see what produces the best results for you!

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