How To Find Best Kratom for Pain and Anxiety Relief

Pain doesn’t have to be severe to affect our entire well-being because pain ranges from acute to chronic. Acute pain refers to the pain from a scratch or a surface cut, while chronic pain refers to severe pain, including conditions like cancer, diabetes, etc. We can say Kratom is a lifesaver when it comes to discomfort of all sorts because it has come to the rescue of countless people. Getting started with Kratom requires a lot of research and in-depth knowledge, but we have helped reduce the workload you have to do in this article. Learn about the best Kratom strains for pain and anxiety in this article. 

Kratom For Anxiety & Depression 

So, what is Kratom? If you hear of Kratom for the first time, you must know that Kratom is a plant herb that primarily relieves you of pain. The plant herb that has recently gained popularity in the US is also referred to as Mitragyna speciosa. Mitragyna speciosa is a result of its alkaloid constituent —Kratom is made up of several alkaloid compounds, but two are highly active. They go by the names Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy mitragynine; these two are responsible for interacting with the opioid receptors in the brain to relieve your pain. The Louisiana Department of Health published research stating that many people take Kratom to help them deal with their anxiety and depression. However, some Kratom strains are more potent than others if you wish to deal with pain, depression, and fear. For example, you should consider Maeng Da and Red Bali Kratom over lab tested white vein kratom products for treating pain and anxiety. 

The best Kratom strains for treating pain and anxiety and where you can find them 

Maeng Da Kratom 

Maeng Da Kratom is highly known for its effectiveness when it comes to treating pain and anxiety. Compared to other strains, the Kratom strain has a high concentration of alkaloids and flavonoids like mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. Maeng Da Kratom was derived from several mature Kratom trees in Southeast Asia through a popular grafting process. This process results in a Kratom strain that is more powerful than the other Kratom strains. Its use is favored during the daytime because it produces an energy boost in users without sedating them in its bright green powdered form. Find the best quality Maeng Da Kratom at Starlight. 


Benefits of Maeng Da Kratom 

  • Pain relief: Maeng Da is great for relieving pain, muscle pain, exhaustion, and fatigue, thanks to its high concentration of alkaloids. You can compare Maeng Da’s effect to morphine (i.e., it’s quite a popular medication for relieving pain), but Maeng Da doesn’t have sedative effects.  


  • Antidepressant: Maeng Da is a highly potent Kratom for stimulating its user and playing the role of an antidepressant. Maeng Da leaves its user with a euphoric and calm feeling; it also improves the overall mood of its user when under pressure.  


  • Boosts your energy: The users of Maeng Da Kratom experience a high level of energy and focus after consuming it without any side effects.  


Red Bali Kratom 

As the name suggests, Red Bali is a Red Kratom vein that mainly originates from Bali but is also planted in Thailand. Red Bali contains 25 alkaloids which makes it a great pain reliever and anti-depressant. Thanks to the high concentration of alkaloids in Red Bali Kratom, it is an excellent pick for euphoric and calming effects in its use; it also has an advantage for use at night because of its sedative effect. You can find quality red Bali Kratom at Golden Monk. 

Benefits of Red Bali Kratom 

  • Painkiller: As we mentioned earlier, red Bali Kratom contains high amounts of alkaloids, perfect for pain relief without side effects. 
  • Anxiety: Stress is one factor contributing to anxiety, and red Bali is quite effective for creating a feeling of calm, which relieves its users of stress.
  • Improves focus and alertness: Coffee and energy drinks contain a high amount of alkaloid, which keeps the user active and alert, but the difference here is that red Bali has to be taken at a low dose, and it doesn’t have side effects.
  • Sedation: Suppose you take red Bali at night and a higher dose; it would help you sleep better and relieve pain. It is best if you use red Bali at night while you take red Borneo in the day. We will discuss red Borneo next. 

Red Borneo Kratom 

At a higher dose, the strain causes sedation, but at a lower amount, it boosts the energy, calms your nerves, and leaves you with a soothing effect. Like any other Kratom strain, Red Borneo originates from Southeast Asia, with its leaves grow to a fine consistency and color of dark green shade. Red Borneo contains many alkaloids, which makes it potent for pain relief among many other Kratom strains. You can find high-quality red Borneo Kratom also at Golden Monk. 

Benefits of Red Borneo Kratom 

  • Pain relief: you must have noticed that all three strains we have mentioned have pain-relieving effects due to the high concentration of alkaloids in each. Use red Borneo for preferably acute/mild pain. 


  • Euphoric effect: Red Borneo works well for relieving pain and inducing calmness in its user without making them feel dizzy or nauseous.  


  • Reduce stress and improve cognitive performance: Another property of red Borneo Kratom includes its ability to relieve its user of stress and keep them happier. It makes them have a positive feeling towards life in general. When you are relaxed, and your mind is clear, you tend to be more focused. Consuming the strain could help you function correctly when you meet new people at a social event. 



We highlighted three of the best Kratoms to use for pain and anxiety and where you can shop for each. We discussed Maeng Da Kratom; the strain is quite versatile in its effect, and you can also find it at Golden Monk. Golden Monk is instead a reputable brand, and all their products are GMP certified. The only challenge with Golden Monk is that it is not US-based, so you always have to import when you would like to make a purchase; aside from this, there is always good user feedback and review of the product. However, have you tried any Kratom strain in the past, and what was your reason for using it? 



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