How to express gratitude with flowers?

What if people appreciated your love and care with a small gesture? Most of us say simple & courteous “thank you” whenever anyone helps us, but there are always moments that call for more than just these two words. In such situations, what extra steps do you take to express gratitude? 

One of the simple and heartwarming ways to do so is to send flowers. You won’t have to write a long passage to express your kind words, as a fresh flower bouquet will help you beautifully communicate your gratitude. 

Still not convinced about stepping up your gesture? Here are a few reasons why it’s good to express your thanks more pleasingly. 

Why should you make an appreciative gesture?

When you thank someone by sending them pretty flowers, you feel a wave of positive emotions and a sense of encouragement to spread gratitude and appreciate the little moments in life. The person receiving the beautiful flowers will feel good, and your bond with them will grow stronger. 

According to positive psychology research, expressing gratitude is strongly connected to greater happiness. It will help you feel more positive emotions, improve your mood and relish good experiences. 

So, this is your chance to feel happier and make others feel appreciated. Before placing an order, take a minute to find out – the most suitable flower and the best way to send it to express your gratitude.

Three ways to express your gratitude with flowers

Use same-day delivery

Imagine your colleagues or work-friend have helped you with a project which helped you get a promotion or you were appreciated for it, then thanking them at the moment or as soon as they get home would be a sweet gesture and will help build a good workplace bond. These are the situations where same-day flower delivery comes in handy. 

Add a small message  

When you go for online flower delivery, pick the blooms that express your gesture well and add a small message card that says – thank you for helping out or being there or for a lovely lunch. You can also use heartfelt quotes to convey your thoughts. 

Gift it as a surprise 

Friends help us in various situations daily, and while they know you love and care for them as much as they do, a surprise gesture can help strengthen the bond. 

These are a few ways to help communicate your feelings if you aren’t big on words. After all, actions speak louder than words. Here is a list of the best thank-you flowers.

Flowers that express gratitude


While red roses are popular, they’re more appropriate for romantic gestures. To convey gratitude, you should go with peach, white or pink roses. The pink rose’s elegance and simplicity help share feelings of admiration and appreciation. A white rose’s purity and quiet beauty express respect, love and honour for someone’s efforts. Peach roses are a popular choice in workspaces where being thankful to the clients with a boxed arrangement of fresh flowers is perfect for the professional relationship. 


The yellow lily’s bell-like shape and bright colour show the other person how much you appreciate their positive words and efforts to help you feel better. A bouquet of lily blooms will bring a smile to your friend’s or colleague’s face. 

Sweet Pea

Blue, white, purple or red Sweet Pea flowers make for a beautiful bouquet and have an enchanting fragrance. These fresh flowers symbolise kindheartedness and are a perfect way to say “thank you for a lovely time”. You could always send these flowers after a date and make the other person feel special and appreciated for planning the day. 


Make way for the stunning shades of daisies that brightens up everyone’s day. A fresh flower bouquet of white, yellow, pink, or blue helps convey heartfelt words to loyal loved ones. People often prefer giving floral arrangements of this flower to their partner, close friends or family members. If a close friend is moving to another country, these flowers can be a great way to thank them for all the heartwarming memories you’ve made together. They’ll feel touched by your gesture and consider you a big part of their life. 


According to the Japanese myth, an emperor gave hydrangea flowers to apologise to the girl he loved and her family for neglecting her over his business. It was his way of showing gratitude and deep emotion. Thus, the blue hydrangea today is known as a thoughtful gesture and a great way to say thank you for understanding me and forgiving me. 


It’s a bright yellow beauty that instantly brings a smile to one’s face. A sunflower bouquet for others will be like a joyful and astonishing surprise. This flower shows your loyalty, admiration and gratitude towards your family members or partner. 

You can order all of these beautiful flowers from any local florist in Melbourne. Do remember to pick seasonal Melbourne flowers to send fresh & fragrant options. If you need help, many local florists in the city can help you pick out the flowers perfect for your gesture. 

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