How to Evade TikTok Ban using a VPN

TikTok isn’t just for dancing teens anymore. From businesses to coaches and even media influencers, everyone with a smartphone has been turning towards the vibrant new social media platform that no one seems to be getting enough of. 

With just over 100 million active users, TikTok is officially one of the most popular social media applications globally. That being said, TikTok has also been under fire about national security concerns and interference from the Chinese government. 

This is why the app also faces and continues to face several bans worldwide. As the app keeps shutting down, people worldwide have started to seek the support of VPNs, especially UK VPN to keep their accounts up and running. 

But why is this happening? Let’s take a look. 

Why is TikTok continuously getting banned

Most people already know that a Chinese tech-giant, ByteDance, owns the platform—and unsurprisingly, the application is unavailable in China. This is because companies in China’s pretty common to collect and hand over consumer and customer information if requested. 

Outside China, this lack of integrity for personal information is seen as a threat to privacy and is an issue of national security. Since the app is essentially a social media platform, it’s unsurprising that it collects a ton of personal data.

Even though other platforms and applications do the same, like Facebook and Instagram, people in the USA and other countries vary in handing their information over to China—a controversial country when it comes to trust. 

For most content creators, the national issues aside, TikTok is just a way to offer fun, colorful videos to the world and has less to do with the information leak. This is why a lot of content creators have started to turn towards UK VPNs to unblock TikTok. 

How does a UK VPN work for unblocking TikTok?

A UK VPN works by letting users connect to the internet through a remote and secure server, hiding their original IP address and replacing it with the UK server. This tricks the internet into believing that a user is from the UK—a country that currently does not face a TikTok ban. 

Once you’re connected to the UK server through your VPN, your entire internet traffic will start to get routed through that server. Not only will this let you access the app from any country in the world, but it will also let you access the application safely and securely.

Primarily a cybersecurity tool, a VPN will make your online browsing fully private in two ways. The first way is by making you anonymous online, such that any tracking will lead back to the UK server instead of your device.

The second way is by creating an encrypted tunnel that will ensure that even if a hacker or a sniffer tries to intercept your information, they will not be able to understand the information being exchanged. 

How to use a UK VPN to unblock TikTok? 

There are four steps to unblocking TikTok using a VPN. Here’s what you need to do. 

  1. Sign up for a reputed UK VPN
  2. Download VPN that is specifically meant for your device. This step is important because many good VPNs offer multiple variants of the same application to take care of the individual security needs better. 
  3. Once the application is downloaded and installed, connect through a UK server. 
  4. Enjoy TikTok from anywhere in the world! 

Is using a TikTok VPN legal? 

Because of the geo-restrictions, it’s common to assume that using a VPN to access geo-restricted content is illegal. However, that is not the case.

Millions of people worldwide use VPNs every day to access websites that are blocked in their countries for streaming, gaming, and research purposes, and there is nothing illegal about it. 

Unless you’re using a VPN to access illegal content or engage in acts that are punishable offences, you’re good. Several streaming VPNs are developed explicitly to get to stream geo-blocked movies, shows, and platforms. 

What else can I use a VPN for?

Even though VPNs are cybersecurity tools that are also popular for letting users access blocked content, that’s not all VPNs do. Some of the most popular uses of VPNs include connecting to public Wi-Fis safely while traveling and getting across local network restrictions. 

Another incredible benefit of a VPN is to help users enjoy smooth and lag-free internet by letting them get across ISP throttling. If that’s not all, VPNs can also be used to avail shopping deals in other countries and even get cheaper flight tickets. 

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