How to Draw a Snake Tutorial for Kids

Are you looking for interesting ways to keep children entertained? The best way would be to teach them how to draw a snake on a sheet of paper. Little ones might be familiar with snakes but might need help in learning how to draw them. You can help children successfully draw snakes by following the step-by-step instructions. Following these instructions makes their task easier. Kids can read every step in the instructions carefully to get the desired result. Before that, you can briefly explain snakes to kids so that they become familiar with the reptile. Snakes belong to the family of reptiles. They are limbless carnivorous reptiles living in forests, deserts, swamps, grasslands, etc. 

Do your children know how to draw a snake on a sheet of paper? If not, you can teach them snake drawing with the help of easy-to-follow instructions. Learning how to draw a snake will help children gain knowledge about the reptile and their interesting characteristics effectively. Different kinds of snakes are found worldwide, such as rattlesnakes, cobras, cottonmouths, etc. Snakes feed on frogs, birds, mice, etc. The most interesting characteristic of a snake is that it can shed its old skin to remove parasites and allow it to grow again. You can teach children about the habitats, eating habits, and physical and behavioral characteristics of snakes through drawing. 

Teaching drawing will help children explore their creative side. They will improve their understanding of the concept they are learning effortlessly. Sometimes, kids might need help in becoming familiar with the physical characteristics of snakes. You can help them learn how to draw a snake to understand its features better. It would be great to take them to a national park or a sanctuary to show different kinds of snakes. Taking kids to a zoo will help them better understand how a snake looks before illustrating them on a sheet of paper.  

Step-wise Instructions on How to Draw a Snake for Kids

The step-by-step instructions on how to draw a snake for kids are mentioned below. 

  • Step 1: Draw a leaf-like structure on a sheet of paper for the snake’s head. 
  • Step 2: Draw a pair of elliptical-shaped structures on the left and right sides of the snake’s head for the eyes. 
  • Step 3: Draw a line with the V-shaped end on the snake’s face for the fang. 
  • Step 4: Draw a curved line with the pointed end for the snake’s body.
  • Step 5: Draw a few circular patches on the snake’s body for the scale. 

Benefits of Learning How to Draw a Snake

What makes children occupied and entertained? It is obvious that drawing activities keep them active and create interest in learning new concepts. Therefore, you can keep children motivated and interested in learning about snakes through drawing. Learning easy drawing for kids is an effective way to learn the physical features of snakes. Later, you can gradually increase the difficulty level depending on their understanding. The benefits of learning how to draw a snake for kids are mentioned below. 

  • It develops fine motor skills in children. 
  • It boosts children’s confidence and motivation to learn about snakes. 
  • It helps children understand the physical and behavioral characteristics of snakes. 
  • It increases the attention span of children while drawing. 
  • It develops planning and organizing skills in children. 
  • It teaches children different lines, shapes, patterns, and intricate designs while drawing. 
  • It enables children to recognize snakes based on their characteristics. 
  • It improves children’s concentration while illustrating every minute detail of snakes on paper. 
  • It encourages children to express their ideas and thoughts effectively. 

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