How to do PRINCE2 ReCertification?

PRINCE2 is a project management approach designed as a government standard for IT projects by the United Kingdom government. The project management technique is now widely utilized by project managers worldwide. Principles, themes, processes, and the project environment are the four elements of the PRINCE2 approach. PRINCE2 certification cost varies depending on the course provider, type of PRINCE2 qualification, and study mode. PRINCE2 qualification and study mode.

Types of PRINCE2 Certification Course

There are four types of PRINCE2 Certifications:

  • PRINCE2 Foundation Certification
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification
  • PRINCE2 Agile Foundation Certification
  • PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner Certification

The certification you choose should be based on your career goals and the region in which you work. These credentials provide skills and knowledge that would assist a professional.

Re-registration Exam for PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification

The first option for PRINCE2 Practitioner renewal is to re-sit the PRINCE2 re-registration exam after the third year after receiving the PRINCE2 Practitioner certification. The re-registration exam for PRINCE2 is comparable to the practitioner exam for PRINCE2. Because you will have to retake the exam, this method of PRINCE2 renewal will be stressful, and you will need to prepare for the exam. As three years is a long period, remembering the concepts for the PRINCE2 exam will be difficult. So, you can take a PRINCE2 Certification Pune Training to brush up on your skills.

Re-Certification Exam

For PRINCE2 6th Edition, the Recertification exam is the same as the Practitioner exam. After three years, the PRINCE2 Practitioner certification will expire. You can either repeat the PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam before the expiration date or maintain your certification with CPD points and a digital badge to keep your qualification current and ensure no gaps in your Practitioner status.

  • Exam Format – Objective testing
  • No. of Questions – 3 questions – 10 question items per question, each worth one mark
  • Pass Percentage – 17 out of 30 marks to pass – 55%
  • Time – 1 hour (60 minutes) duration
  • Exam Type – Open book (official PRINCE2 manual only)

Renewal through Axelos Membership

Axelos membership is the most cost-effective and convenient option to renew your PRINCE2 certification. This technique requires you to join Axelos after passing the PRINCE2 exam. After that, you’ll be able to keep your Axelos membership for the next three years.

Each year of your membership, you must submit 20 CPDs, with a total of 60 CPDs by the end of the third year. Then you apply for a renewal of your PRINCE2 certification. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an acronym for “continuing professional development.” PRINCE2 certified experts must keep their project management expertise up to date, according to Axelos. You can earn PRINCE2 CPD points in four different ways.

Professional Experience

Professional Experience is required for all PRINCE2 certified professionals to gain five CPD points. This category will count if you work in a project management job or engage in project management activities, and you can earn five CPD points per year in this category.

Community Participation

Seminars, webinars, conferences, and other project management activities are available. Another way to get PRINCE2 CPD points is to attend these project management activities. These activities will earn you CPD points. In general, one CPD point is equal to one hour of activity. This category has a maximum CPD limit of 15 points each year. It’s worth noting that simply attending these events as a spectator can earn you up to five CPD points every year.


You can attend training to fulfil the remaining 15 CPD points of a year’s CPD requirement. Attending a project management training course can help you earn PRINCE2 CPD points. This category can earn you up to 15 CPD points per year. 45 PRINCE2 CPD bundle is available to assist PRINCE2 professionals with their renewal procedure. You can gain 15 PRINCE2 CPD points every year if you enrol in this bundle, and you can easily renew your certification after the third year.


Self-study is the final technique of PRINCE2 renewal. There are various project management resources available both offline and online. Reading books, articles, blogs, and conducting research are all instances of self-study. You have the opportunity to make money.

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