How to Decorate a Small Bedroom

Small spaces are a common challenge for any decorator, but they can also create opportunities to be creative and use color in a different way; particularly small bedrooms, where there just isn’t room for all the traditional options found elsewhere in the home. 

That doesn’t mean you’re limited to a poorly designed bedroom though! There are many ways to create an atmospheric, cozy space that is suited to your needs. 

Making the Most out of an Incredibly Tiny Bedroom

The way you decorate a small bedroom is no different than how you’d decorate any other space. 

The colors and textures you choose will depend on what kind of mood you’re going for. 

Here are a few ideas to make the most out of your space.

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

Multi-purpose furniture can provide ample storage and seating when required and can also come in handy when decorating a small bedroom. 

It would be difficult to fit a large sofa in a tiny room, but you can buy one that is relatively small and even small sofa beds too!

Invest In Great Storage

There are many storage options for small bedrooms and closets, from built-in wardrobes to bedside chests that can double as seating.

Use every area you can do, including under the bed. Check out for some well-designed metal bed frames that are minimal enough but provide plenty of storage space underneath.

Add Decorative Art

Instead of traditional pictures, try hanging up some art prints, posters, or even paintings that provide a unique and artistic flair to your bedroom.

Adding art to a small room will give it a unique feel and make a room that was once drab and utilitarian look more appealing.

 Make It Look Open

Placing things on the walls of a small bedroom can make it seem smaller, but creative use of lighting can help to make the space seem expansive. 

Throwing some light on your bed is another way to add an airy feel and make the bedroom feel less enclosed. 

Use Bright Color Schemes and Accent Colors

Bright colors really do provide so much punch when used in small bedrooms, and they can be used in various ways too. 

Perhaps the walls are bare, but there is plenty of furniture to fill up the space. In this case, you could paint the walls a bright color or choose a stand-out color for the bedding. 

If the room isn’t overly bright, it can help to add a splash of brighter color through sheets or even throws. 

Add Some Plants or Pictures of Plants in Your Small Bedroom

A touch of greenery can really make your small bedroom seem less confined and cluttered by simply adding some plants. For example, you could add trees to the windowsill, or even have a couple hanging on the bed itself. 

You can use plants to create a cozy, calming space. 

Use Textiles To Decorate

Different textures can be incorporated into your bedroom in many ways! Use them to add decorative pillows and seat covers or hang up some tapestries or wall hangings. 

You can also use different fabrics on the bed cover to add interest without taking up a lot of space.

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