Cyrillic Fonts

How To Create Cyrillic Fonts?

Cyrillic is the national alphabet of several countries whose native language is not Latin or Greek; these include languages such as Slavic, Mongolic, Iranian, and Turkic.

Even though English is spoken by the vast majority of people, adding support for other scripts like Cyrillic will help you reach a far wider audience.

Information on how to create the Cyrillic letters is provided in this article (upright caps and lowercase; italics are not covered here). Since they are Cyrillic but not part of the Russian alphabet, there are few standards or guidelines for how they should look, which can lead to confusion. The letters are used in Serbian and Macedonian, but the letters are solely used in Serbia.

Cyrillic Sans Serif Fonts

Noir Pro Cyrillic Font 

Noir is a magnificent Cyrillic sans serif fonts family of 12 fonts with a modern feel that draws strongly from the early 20th-century geometric styles. The Noir Cyrillic lettering font family features a wide variety of weights, from very light and beautiful for small text sizes to very hefty and macho for huge display sizes.

Carson Cyrillic Alphabet Font 

Carson is a set of three weights of uppercase Cyrillic sans serif font. Its clean, uniform lines make it ideal for use on billboards, posters, and other large-scale displays.

Vonique 43 Cyrillic style font.

This Cyrillic typeface is stunning. Vonique is a great option for logos, product branding, and more, thanks to its modern and beautiful design.

Souses Light and Souses Light Italic

Souses Light and Souses Light Italic, a handmade non-serif typeface, are excellent options for any designer wishing to give form to their vision. The Souses fonts, which feature over 400 glyphs and support over 70 languages, are particularly suited for usage in environmental and nature-related projects of all kinds.

CornerOne Cyrillic Alphabet Font 

This clean and simple option is perfect if you need a subtle font for a title, header, or poster. The font is available in Cyrillic and Latin alphabets and comes in two variations: normal and bold.

Cyrillic Font Creation Guide

Step 1

We’ll utilize the Russian word “уcски,” which means “Russian,” to get this type of impact. Type “PYCCKNN” using the Russian Land Font and the size 240 points with the Type Tool (T) on your artboard. More space can be added between the letters by selecting a value of 10 in the Set the tracking for the selected characters section.

Select Ungroup (Shift-Control-G) from the Object menu to separate the text into individual letters after you’ve expanded the object.

Step 2 

For the final two letters selected, head to the Transform panel and select “Flip Horizontal” from the drop-down box. These letters are now compatible with the Cyrillization script.

To finish the phrase, please follow the sequence of images to form the necessary accent on the final letter. To begin, sketch out two black 20 px circles and a curved route connecting them at the base. Put a 4-point black Stroke on it, and then select Expand from the Object menu to make the stroke form a shape. To create the accent’s final form, select all three forms and then choose Unite on the Pathfinder panel. Raise it, so it covers the final letter.

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