How to connect the AirPods to a PC with Windows operating system

The trend to remove cables from all tech products led to the departure of Apple’s fully wireless Bluetooth headphones – the AirPods. Launched the first version in 2016, today there are two models available on the market: the “normal” version, the AirPods 2 , with H1 chip and “Hey Siri” function, and the AirPods Pro , with water resistance and cancellation. noise.

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Part of the charm of AirPods over similar accessories from other manufacturers is precisely the H1 chip , which allows the connection between Apple devices to be very fast and stable. However, the AirPods are still Bluetooth headphones, so they are also compatible with smartphones and tablets with Android operating system and Windows PCs.

In this post we are going to show in detail how the AirPods are paired with a computer that does not have macOS installed. To do this, we are going to use one with Windows 10 , although the method should also work with computers that have Linux distributions.

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Connecting the AirPods to a Windows computer

1 . With the lid open and the AirPods inside, on the back of the AirPods case (where the hinge is) there is a button . By holding it down, the LED will turn white and start flashing. This means that you have entered the mode that allows you to pair it with other devices.

2 . From the Windows computer, we go into Settings> Devices . At the top we will find a button with a “+” sign accompanied by the text Add Bluetooth or another device. We click.

3 . Several options will appear, but we are interested in the first one: Bluetooth (mice, keyboards, pens, or audio and other Bluetooth devices).

4 . All devices that are within range of the device’s Bluetooth receiver will appear on this screen. The AirPods should appear with the name with which we have configured them from our iPhone.

After pairing them, we will only have to click on them in the Bluetooth configuration menu, under the Audio section, to connect them whenever we want to the computer. It is a simple procedure that will allow us to use Apple headphones on all our devices, regardless of their manufacturer.

With the AirPods 2 comes the Hey Siri function , so you can invoke the assistant without having to double-tap one of the headphones. This means that you now have Siri just two words away, always at your disposal. You can ask him to call your contacts, give you information, control your home automation and send messages, among other things

We recommend that you take a look at this article with very useful Siri commands so that you can take advantage of all its possibilities on a day-to-day basis.

Enable quick actions with taps

Now that we have Hey Siri, you can take the opportunity to modify the quick actions that the AirPods have. Go to Settings> Bluetooth and press the “i” next to the name of your AirPods. There you can choose the actions for each of your two AirPods, for example, left to move between songs, right to go back. With this set up, double-tap one of them to activate its function.

Rename your AirPods

In the same menu that we entered before, you will see that you can modify the name of your AirPods . By default, they will be called “So and so’s AirPods”, but you can put the one you prefer.

Charge them wirelessly

If you have bought the wireless charging case, take advantage and charge them in this way . In my case, I hope that in this way I do not forget to have it loaded at critical moments: a trip or going to the gym, for example.

Don’t mix your AirPods

Users of original AirPods who have decided to get the second generation should not be afraid to mix them together. If at some point you mix them up and you ca n’t tell them apart , don’t worry. When you bring the case open with the AirPods inside, a notice like this will appear so that you know which is which regardless of the generation.

Use them with any Apple device, including Android

For those of us who have more than one Apple product, AirPods are very comfortable headphones with which to switch from one sound source to another. From the Mac or the iPhone , to the iPad, the Apple Watch or the Apple TV. Now, with the AirPods 2 that change from one to the other is much faster.

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