How to complete CLAT Syllabus 2022 through self-study?

CLAT Syllabus is released by the consortium of NLUs on the official website. Candidates preparing for CLAT Exam must be well versed with the complete CLAT Syllabus before the examFirstly, before preparing for the exam, you should learn about the basics of the CLAT Syllabus, which are often regarded as the most important steps.

To completely prepare the CLAT Syllabus through self study, it is important to understand the extent of topics to be covered under each section. Plan your preparation as per the time left for the exam. After completing each section, solve a mock test to test your knowledge before CLAT 2022

CLAT Syllabus 2022

The candidates must have a complete idea of the CLAT 2022 Syllabus to get high scores in the upcoming examination. The subject-wise syllabus is available below;

EnglishComprehension and language skillsAbility to draw inferences and conclusionsAbility to summarise the passageIdentify arguments and viewpointsWord meaning and phrases
General Knowledge and Current AffairsCurrent events in India and around the worldArts and cultureInternational affairs Historical events of continuing importance
Logical ReasoningConclude identifying arguments and their premises.Analyse patterns of reasoning critically, and consider how conclusions may be influenced by specific premises or evidence.Infer and apply your findings to new situations.Make connections and analogies.Identify and evaluate contradictions and equivalence, as well as the effectiveness of arguments.
Quantitative TechniquesDerive, infer, and manipulate numerical data from, graphs, passages, or other representations (10th Standard)

How to prepare for the CLAT Syllabus through self-study?

Self-Study is one of the proven ways to prepare for any competitive examination. When it comes to CLAT, you can always choose this method to effectively prepare for the examination. A step-wise preparation strategy is detailed below;

  • Know Your Syllabus

You must deeply understand all the topics available in the syllabus. Start your preparation with the stronger section of the syllabus. This will boost your confidence, and try covering all the weak topics one by one. Give yourself enough time to get familiar with topics.

  • Prepare A Study Schedule

CLAT 2022 requires regular and serious study sessions. It is all about practice and focusing on the topics meticulously. You can divide the syllabus and assign yourself time and days to cover each topic. Assign difficult topics to that time of the day when you are the most productive. 

  • Choose An Effective Online Coaching

You get stuck on some of the topics, but there is no problem with it. You can seek online help from the top educators. 

  • Practice Previous Year Question Papers

Try practising old question papers to understand the distribution of marks over various paper sections. By doing these, you can understand the difficulty of the paper. Try to time yourself and see if you manage to finish the paper in the stipulated time.

  • Give Regular Mock Tests

Mock tests are the best way to practice for CLAT on your own. Assign yourself with 1-2 hrs to practice mock tests. It will help you develop problem-solving skills and finish the paper in the expected time.

  • Cut All Distraction

Make a safe study space by eliminating all kinds of distractions. Stay away from the phone and mindless scrolling on social media. It affects your thinking ability and disturbs the equilibrium of focus. 

  • Regularly Revise and Clear all doubts for the day.

You must try revising the entire syllabus at least 2-3 times. The more you revise, the faster you will be able to solve the problems. 

While preparing for CLAT on your own, you must make sure that you clear all your doubts. You can ask subject matter experts on various online forums. You can also stick to various study materials to prepare for the examination effectively. 

At last, we will only suggest that you must manage your time to effectively prepare for CLAT. The candidates will be required to solve 150 questions in 2 hours. So, you need to improve your own by staying positive. It will make you stronger, and if you want to achieve your dreams, you need to start from today itself, which will make you aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Stay focused and try to maintain a healthy routine. 
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