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How to choose the right hookah pipe

Purchasing your first hookah pipe does not have to be a challenging situation, but there are some things to think about. There are numerous versions in the industry, and every one offers a distinct sensation for the first-time hookah smoker. Thus, in an attempt to decide which type is best for you, you must first ask yourself a couple of things.

There are numerous factors to examine before deciding which ones to purchase, including size, price, material, and other factors. Here are a few pointers to assist you in selectingin selecting which hookah pipe to purchase.

The cost

In the realm of shisha, it is obvious that pricing reflects excellence. While hookah pipes aren’t expensive, many first-time consumers have been caught off guard by inadequate equipment that isn’tisn’t designed to survive.

Though you shouldn’t anticipate paying more than the going rate for your initial basic hookah pipe, it’s absolutely worth splurging to ensure you receive the finest experience. Anything about the ¬£50 mark is quite affordable for your first pipe, and we believe you’ll agree that after you’ve tried shisha, you’ll be eager to try more complex pipes.

The number of hoses is

How many nozzles should you expect to receive with your first hookah pipe? For several first-time hookah smokers, using only one nozzle is the healthiest option. However,, those four gouged party pipes seem like a lot of fun; you’ll see the greatest result. If not handled appropriately, these additional hoses might seriously slow down your hookah.

If you intend to use your hookah pipe with pals or as a celebration item, the multi-hose variants are ideal. Be mindful that every hose should be stopped when not being used and that any failure to do so may result in a loss of suction force and, as a result, a subpar shisha session – not what you desire.

We recommend sticking to only one hose for your very first pipe so you can learn to understand your way through the world of hookah without the additional burden of fighting with more nozzles than required.

The Size

How do you want to keep and use your shisha pipe? As a fantastically social activity, hookah pipes are frequently kept in plain view, prepared to be used whenever needed. As a result, the size of your hookah pipe must be chosen only for convenience; if you have plenty of space to keep your shisha pipe, or if you want a beautiful pipe that appears as nice as it burns, a tall pipe is really for you. Similarly, if you want to relocate your pipe frequently, a smaller, more compressed pipe would suffice.

Several shisha pipes are designed to be disassembled and stored. When this is an alternative for you, and you don’t mind taking it out and rebuilding it numerous times, the size of your selected hookah pipe shouldn’t be too important since it can be simply kept once dismantled.


There are numerous factors to examine before deciding which type is best for you. These include size, price, material, and other factors. After you’ve tried shisha, you’ll be eager to try more complex pipes. The amount of hoses is another important factor to consider.

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