How to Choose the Best VPS

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a service that rents out a virtual server that has advantages compared to ordinary web hosting such as the freedom to determine the operating system and platform so as to provide optimization in managing a website. For this reason, many website managers are looking for cheap and guaranteed VPS providers to support their website performance. VPS is also available in various types and service providers also offer many package options that customers can choose from when using the server. With a vps murah, you are in control of choosing the operating system you are using. Commonly used are Linux and Windows.

You can choose an application server to use automatically, such as cPanel, WordPress, Docker, or NodeJS. Your main thing in choosing the performance of the VPS that you create is to choose a package that suits your usage needs. There is also Cloud VPS which offers a perfect mix of traditional VPS and hosting which makes it a very popular service offering for service providers and hosting companies.

With a Cloud VPS not only are the cost savings associated with legacy hosting platforms but you also get guaranteed CPU, disk, and memory resources from a dedicated cloud platform. This is a strong reason why more and more organizations are migrating their business using Cloud VPS. Here’s how to choose a VPS to suit your needs.

The most important thing is to determine your intended use or needs. VPS is not only used to store and run websites. There are many things that can be done using a VPS. Apart from being a web hosting, VPS can be used to connect to services such as the Internet of Things.

Adjust to Plan

After determining the purpose of use, think about planning ahead. Your business needs to grow to keep it going. So also take into account whether there is a possibility that the system will require high resources in the near future or not. One of these plans is to determine the migration process that may be carried out. This is because the VPS migration process is not simpler than shared hosting.

Operating system

Also, pay attention to the operating system available. The operating system is the main factor that needs to be known. Some VPS providers only provide one of them, but there are some VPS service providers that provide both of these operating systems. If the system you want to install is maximized using Windows, of course, you have to use a Windows server too. Even though currently Windows VPS providers are rare, they provide more VPS with Linux.

Bandwidth Capacity

Many VPS Hosting service providers will set a monthly bandwidth usage limit that can be used. If the usage exceeds the specified capacity, it will affect the VPS speed, of course, it will decrease. When choosing a VPS, make sure you don’t have to pay more for the excess bandwidth required for normal use.


In one VPS, of course, you can increase the number of websites in it. You can add multiple domains at once. However, the RAM and CPU capacity in a VPS server is limited. The size of this limit depends on the package you are using. The higher the plan you use, the more websites you can add without being overloaded. A VPS at least runs in RAM with a capacity of 4 GB.


Currently, there are two types of storage that are widely offered, namely Hard Disk and Solid-state Drive. Cheaper hard disk storage is offered. However, a VPS will be better if you use an SSD. SSD has a faster speed compared to traditional storage. To maximize RAM and CPU is necessary, but if it is not supported by fast storage to serve data processing, it becomes not very useful.

Complete information

To find previous information about using the best VPS services at web hosting providers and what facilities are offered, of course, we must have the right data and research. Web hosting service providers of course have rules or terms of service that have been set. Not all providers allow for the use of prohibited sites that have been set by the government.

Service Support

A problem that occurs sometimes happens not as predicted. There are some cases that installed on the VPS does not run properly. Including such as not being successful at the time of installing WordPress. At times like this, of course, you need to choose a service provider who can offer services that you can call almost any time.

Choosing the best VPS doesn’t have to be expensive, according to the needs of the web and the features it offers. For your website that already has a lot of traffic, maybe now you can use a VPS instead of shared hosting to further improve its performance.

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