How To Choose The Best LED Round UFO High Bay?

Because of its shape, it is sometimes called the UFO high bay. The LED round UFO-high bay products have reached maturity. High light efficiency and compact appearance can meet indoor and semi-indoor requirements. Most people associate the LED round high bay with lighting warehouses and factories. It can also be used in other locations. The school’s auditorium, toll station, indoor stadiums and supermarkets can all be used.

The Key Structures Of LED Round UFO High Bay

The main feature of an led UFO lights are its compactness. It is much smaller than traditional highways, easy to transport and install, and lighter than traditional high bays. The following components make up the LED round high bay UFO:

1. LED Chip

The LED round high bay has been designed to help the LED chips quickly and efficiently dissipate warmth during use. The LED chips’ performance can affect the lighting fixtures’ light efficiency, luminous degradation and life expectancy. The large light-emitting surface with a round shape can increase the range of lighting while ground illumination is uniform.

2. Heat Sink

LED chips heat up during operation. Overheating can reduce the life expectancy of LED chips. The LED round UFO high bay heat sink is designed to allow the LED chip to quickly dissipate heat and provide long-lasting, efficient lighting. Aluminium alloy is used as the heat sink. Aluminium alloy is good at thermal conductivity. The magnesium-aluminium alloy is a novel heat sink material. This alloy’s feature is lightweight and has good heat dissipation.

3. Light Distribution

Lighting is only as good as its optical design. Different ground illumination requirements and installation heights will require different optical designs. While the luminous efficiency of LED round UFO high bay is equal, it can impact ground illumination by affecting the power and light distribution. Higher power means greater power consumption so light distribution may play a more important role. The common light distribution of LED round UFO high bay is 120deg. The 90deg- and 60deg narrower distributions are respectively 90deg & 60deg. For installations higher than 5m in height or with a requirement for ground illumination greater than 200lux, it is better to choose a narrow distribution.

How Can You Choose A Round LED High Bay UFO?

There are many options for LED round high bays. But how can you pick the right one? The following four characteristics can help you to determine whether the lighting fixture will be suitable for purchase or usage.

1. Light Efficiency

A higher level of light efficiency is generally associated with better energy-saving. The higher light efficiency of the LED round-UFO high bay is thought to mean that the same ground illumination can be achieved with less power. It can make a big difference in energy conservation for enterprises. But higher light efficiency is not necessarily better. High light efficiency lighting fixtures might also result in faster luminous degradation. The UGR of an LED round UFO high bay is also important. Higher light efficiency is often associated with a higher UGR. It can lead to a poor visual experience. You should ensure that you only choose light efficiency products.

2. Performance

A good heat dissipation score and lighting performance are key criteria to judge the quality of an LED round-UFO highbay. The temperature rise testing report can be used to determine if the LED round UFO hi bay has excellent heat dissipation. If the temperature rose test report shows that the LED chip temperature is too high it can severely affect lighting performance and cause light decay. Professional testing of the corrosion resistance and impact resistance levels is also required to ensure that the LED round high bay can be safely used. Lighting fixtures can perform well in harsh environments bypassing high and low temperatures. For special applications such as environments with high humidity, high salt fog or ambient temperatures up to 50 degrees, you will need to contact the lighting supplier and get the relevant test reports. This will ensure that the lighting fixtures you purchase are safe and reliable.

3. Certification

Because each country has unique requirements for LED round high bays, it’s important to understand the certification required for lighting in your particular country. It is possible to ensure safety by using products that have the required certification. Some special applications require additional certification. For example, food processing plants must be certified by the domestic food processing management authority, while chemical factories require explosion-proof certification.

4. Intelligent Control

LED lighting fixtures can be used to save energy and protect the environment. However, intelligent control systems will make it even easier to save energy. LED round high bays are required to have a DALI dimming feature or 110V/010V dimming. If you have a warehouse project, it is worth considering equipping the LED round-UFO highway with a motion sensor. It can sense the movement of goods and people at any moment to turn on or off the lights. The LED round-UFO highway with an illuminance sense smart module can adjust the brightness of your light to suit the ambient illuminance.

What are the various kinds of LED high Bay lights?

High bay lighting can be round, also known as UFO high bay lights, or rectangle, also known as linear high bay lights. Modern LED technology allows for a lot of light in a small fixture, so it’s less about the light and more about which one is easier to install or looks better.

High bay lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including round, linear, long, and skinny. We’ll go over each one, what they look like, their benefits and drawbacks, and when to use them!

Choosing high bay lighting for your commercial space is an important decision. Your space’s lighting sets the tone for your customers and/or employees. LED bay lights are the way to go because they use 75% less energy. Nonetheless, you must select from a wide range of high bay light shapes and sizes. How do you know which shape or size will work best in your space? Continue reading to learn which high bay light option is best for you.

High Bay Round Light

Because of their saucer shape, round high bay lights are also known as UFO high bay lights. They are the simplest high bay light to install because they only require one point of attachment. Round high bay lights are ideal for rooms with high ceilings. The light emitted by UFO high bay lights averages 120 degrees, making them ideal for use above 13 feet in height.

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