How to Choose and Send the Best Flowers for a Birthday

Getting the Right Flowers

Finding the right flowers for the right person can be a challenge, but birthday bouquets tend to be a safe bet for many reasons. Even so, there are best practices. Following we’ll briefly look into three things you want to keep in mind as you go about acquiring flowers for an upcoming birthday celebration.

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1. Know Who You’re Giving Them To

Is the birthday for a spouse, relative, child, friend, or coworker? Each of those will impact the sort of flowers you get. If you’re buying for a developing youngster, you might as well not get flowers. Adult children may appreciate them, but youngsters generally don’t. Spouses love a fine bouquet, but spend real money on it, because she’ll know if you don’t.

Relatives may or may not like flowers depending on the individual. Aunts, grandmothers, nieces, mothers-in-law—they tend to love flowers. Uncles, grandfathers, and nephews may arch an eyebrow at you; unless they specifically like flowers. There are best practices for buying a guy flowers.

Also, if you’re a lady, males will be more receptive to flowers from you in almost any scenario. For friends, you want to buy flowers that communicate platonic continuance. For coworkers, you want floral arrangements that demonstrate care, but don’t indicate anything deeper than what is professionally appropriate.

2. Figure Out Your Budget in Advance

Next, when you’re looking at options regarding flowers for birthday celebrations, it’s important to think about how much money you’re willing to spend. Flowers can be as cheap as “free”, or as expensive as a year’s wages, depending on the flowers, when you buy, where you buy, and associated shipping realities.

Determine your budget in advance and explore floral options within that range, whatever it ends up being.

3. Buy in Advance, and Be Aware of Shipping Times

Some floral options can be acquired on the day of the celebration. You just need to call in the morning. However, that’s not going to be the same everywhere, so you want to think things out. If you can buy in the morning for an afternoon delivery, then you’re good to go. For most situations, you’ll want to buy in advance and calculate for shipping. Of course, you can always just walk into a shop, pick up flowers, and deliver them personally; this is the M.O. of most buying floral arrangements for birthdays. That said, if you’re not there, it’s perfectly fine to have flowers shipped to the person celebrating their day of birth. Understand what is available so you can make the best choice for your situation.

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Getting the Best Flowers for the Loved Ones in Your Life

Buy in advance and think about shipping times. Also, keep your budget in mind so you don’t go overboard without intending to. Lastly, carefully consider for whom you’re acquiring the flowers.

You don’t want to send the wrong message. Keep these things in mind and your gift of flowers will be received by those for whom you intend them with the spirit you intended when you picked them out.

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